Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Letter To Andy

Dear Pooky Bear,
First of all, your Mama, Daddy, Loki, Xeni Gabbini, The Baby, Nee Nee Puddins and Goldilocks miss you very much.
Mama is very upset tonight.
Aunty Nee Nee told me of a furr baby who needs help.
Her Forever Home is really not Forever.
You see honey it's like this.
Like you she has Aids and she is 8 years old.
The shameful people that abused her trust in them decided that she is not "convenient" with her condition.
Aunty Nee Nee told me about her and she understands that while Daddy and I are very comfy with this situation seeing as you and Jakey Jay also had it...but we just can't take her in .
Xeni Gabbini is still sick and while it has been a while, it would just be too much for Wooby Diddums to have a new sib thrown in the mix.
Your Mama is very upset.
You babies are not throw aways when it becomes hard or inconvenient.
You are our babies and we are your parents.
Aunty Nee Nee and I are going to do what ever it takes to save this kitty girl and find her the real forever home she deserves.
I have to go now, Daddy is probably snoring on the sofa and you know who wants in.
I miss you baby boy.
Your Mama.

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kleinwort said...

((((Aunty))) Sorry I wasn't reading this week. I woulda been keeping this poor furbabe in my prayers.

Fingers crossed for finding her a new mama and dad who are just as nice as SU and you and appreciate having a special sweetie.