Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Jumping Jeebus H Christ !

It never fails.
Give people ( oh you know I am talking about work here , don't deny it ) the opportunity to fuck something up in the name of a good cause and we are your chosen demographic.
The firm has supported one charity for a very long time.
I won't name them here because I am frankly appalled at the way that this has gone and don't want to associate the victim with the assholery here.

Most of us donate through payroll deduction , I do and have done so for years because it's a worthy cause and my voluptuous ass can do without a pizza every payroll period.
A lot of folks donate.
I wish more did but that is their private decision..I respect that .
I honestly do.


There is a contest between the two floors to see who can accumulate the most pennies.
I brought in a small plastic jug full.
But in this competition, there are some pretty fucked up rules.
Silver coins count as a minus.
In other words, if you slip a nickel in the jar, for the competition purposes, -5 cents is deducted from the total...someone over thought this much ?
Dollar bills are encouraged..

Folks..when you all carry on like this , acting like you are in junior high, the Shareholders are gonna get pretty pissed off.
Some already are.
Carrying on because one floor has one collection bucket and the other has 2, sneaking in silver coins to mess up the other floors chance of bragging rights....what..y'all are 12 now ?

It is a good cause, but when supposed grown folk act like this, the PTB's are less inclined to let us have various legitimate fundraisers.

Point in case....don't get me started on how all y'all fucked up the Humane Society and animal shelter fund raisers.


Aunty Pol

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