Friday, March 02, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce of the Day ~ !

Happy Friday dear hearts.

I've been giving some things more than a thought and I have decided that for right now there is something I need to do.

I need my life and my routine back.

First of all, Sistah, I am sorry that I haven't been e mailing as usual, my brain is overloaded right now , but I suspect that you know that and understand and that is another of the eleventy eighty seven billion reasons that I love you and Double Oh. You both show sustaining love and support just by being a cornerstone of my life.

The phone will ring when it does.

I have been so consumed by the elephant in the room that I am almost frozen.

My whole pattern is askew, and I can't handle that chaos on top of everything else.

My house is a wreck.

Beyond clutter.

Even my husband agreed and said that he knew that I needed help with it.

Yes, it is a control issue, but more than that , it is the practical need to keep apace with the domicile when you work 45 hours a week or more before you get to the point of just closing your eyes and hoping some reality show doesn't come commando style to launch an intervention.

So for now, he and I will titivate the joint as my father used to say..

Did you know that "titivate" is a real word ?

It is.

And here I thought that it was just some bullshit word that my father made up for his chuckleheaded children.

We were very

I kid.

We were.

I know what I am going to pack.

I have been tracking the weather and it is much the same as Houston so I need to get the dry cleaning together and dropped off tomorrow.

Penny's and Lowes need to be paid, the water bill is cut and in the mail...the usual first of the month crap we all do.

What will be will be and I will be able , I hope , to have it together enough that I am prepared.

Sounds good, doesn't it ?

Yeah , I know ...but I still have to hoover the carpet and the bathrooms need to be done and geraniums need to be planted and the kitchen floor need a date with the mop ..and it's paws and claws weekend for the Mama.

I do feel better with a tidy house, it helps keep the chaos at bay and that will help.

Just don't look under the Queen Anne table in the bedroom where the tv is.

It's where purses go to die ....and shoes.

Quiet....the shoes will hear you .

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol


kleinwort said...

Geraniums????? On March frackin' 2nd you were panting geraniums????

I think I hate you. Or Houston. Or both.

Oh, wait. We don't have the Houtson summers (plus late spring and early fall) from hell.

Ok, nevermind, then.

(Yep, and that's what grabbed me in this post. I really suck. Hope the shoes didn't hear and the routine is back.)

kleinwort said...

Make that "planting" not "panting."