Sunday, March 18, 2012

Aunty Pols Real Life Recipe Review # 1

I bought Ree's second book, and as usual couldn't wait to road test a recipe.
We look for things that will make enough to have for lunches the next week for both of us and we like to cook our big meal on a Sunday.
Tonight it was Drip Beef.
The recipe is a bit different that what is on the link but after reading, it is closer to the first version from Ree's friend than the second one, the difference being that in the book, I believe it just calls for Rosemary and not a mixture of Italian seasonings.
It's a basic Italian beef dip recipe.
I'm going to use a 1 to 10 scale, 10 being the highest.
Ease of recipe to follow : 10
Ease of Prep: 10
Overall Taste : 8
Do we recommend this recipe : Yes
Are we going to make it again : Yes
Are we going to tweak it : Yes.
Over all it was great, but it can be a knife and fork sandwich if you use too much of the juice...which I ALWAYS do. Utensils are not an issue for us
We both thought that the amount of pepperocini ( sp ) overwhelmed the dish so we are going to reduce the liquid from the jar by half and add beef broth or stock in place of some of the water called for.
Final verdict: Winner !
As I try recipes from her books, I will review them here and this is simply the SU's and my opinion.
Have a great week.
Aunty Pol


kleinwort said...

Yep, it is a bit different than the book. Thanks for the heads up on the pepperoncini juice! I will note it in the margin (hell, yes, I write in cook books! "Aunty says 1/2 the p. juice," emblazoned for posterity.)

Wonder what difference the consume or a good stock might make, too (I know she was just subbing, but I think it would be good-I like the mouth feel the gelatin gives dishes).

Sadly, the book doesn't have her best line from the blog post. When she defats the juices and comments "Just go ahead and throw this away. It’s the right thing to do." She cracks me up!

I'm looking forward to the Dr. Pepper pulled pork. Been years since I had it and I'd forgotten all about it. Again, this is why I love the lady. It's a church cookbook classic and she makes me want to make it again!

Oh, I so want to do a French night for the family so I can pull out her Burgundy Mushrooms (1st book). I've drooled over that and not yet made it.

kleinwort said...

Oh, brain fart... it was kinda, wait a minute, that was beef! It is Dr. Pepper pot roast, not pork roast, that graces the pages of church cookbooks everywhere. And this recipe has chilies in it. Twists on an old classic! Yummmmm!