Tuesday, April 30, 2013

For Lady Lisa

Had to do it .

Aunty Pol

Getting Back To The Norrmal ~ Or What Ever The Hell Passes For It At The Casa !

Of  course it involves a new cake pan....like any one is surprised.

To sum up : The renovation is done..over...completed...history.
It's been an interesting adventure in freak outs ( mine naturally ) , lively discussions between the SU and myself..lol...now you have to admit that sounds a hell of a lot more mature than screaming matches , doesn't it  ?  We are both somewhat obsessed  with keeping the black granite counter tops wiped down, and I am sure that will eventually wear of as will the use of the squeegee in the master shower..don't ask , it's something my late father did and we are trying to be good ab out in order to avoid the mineral buildup from the hard water than we are blessed with down here in Tejas. .....or if you really know me and I know a few of you have dirty minds and you went there the minute  you saw the  word squeegee....quit it ! LMAO !


I got in touch with Mr. Trejo when I was home and arranged to have the yard cleaned up aka flower beds mulched etc and some of the landscape timbers replaced so I am really looking forward to being all pretty and tidy. Of course some of the climbing roses need to be tied off on the huge trellis that SU built and let's not talk about pruning this year..cause it didn't happen. Le Sigh. But on the bright side , the jasmine is blooming and I will figure out what to replace the Hydrangeas with..yup..they are coming out. I am NOT coming home and wasting water every damn day on things that aren't keeping their end of the bargain. It could be worse, Sistah says they need to replace  some shrubs and a tree or two that have been at the house for as long as I can remember because their winters have been extra harsh the last couple of years. And the God Grandbaby is crawling at NASCAR speed  so all is good.

And of course I have a new pan to play with..it's a bit of a challenge to find recipes that will work so I will have to play. Anyone who knows me , knows that I love a simple bundt pound cake and I make a most excellent one if I do say so in all modesty...but , even if I give half of it to the gals , it's more than likely to dry out before we finish it all so my solution is lil ones....babies as it were.

I 'll let you know..at the  worst it will turn out like the Hobbit Cupcake Episode. What the hell..it gave me something to write about .

Aunty Pol Living Large In A Pretty Cool Casa.

Thoughtful Tuesday

Could not resist !
Aunty Pol

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The One Where I don't Mind The Work.

It's peaceful here in the Casa. I could really get used to this .We are still walking around , taking it all  in and enjoying the changes. We've been through our respective freak outs and so on and had the girls over Sunday night for our first Sunday dinner in possibly 4 months. Nothing fancy, just boiled shrimp, bread, salad and wine. It was lovely to reclaim some of our routine.

I am home this week , taking some much needed time off to get the house back in order, which won't sound like fun to anyone else but me. I can set my own pace so I am getting stuff done and yet keeping time for some reading out on the deck .We are reducing a lot of the crap that we have gathered over the last 20 + years in the Casa and that makes us both happy .

One thing that I am doing a bit differently this time is that I am starting with the big projects rather than saving them for last. Usually, I do the regular house cleaning and by the time I am done, I am just too spent to tackle the things that I really want to do..polishing the silver, cleaning all of the crystal etc. .....and the big chores just never get done. I've cleaned off the fridge top and sides and in a bit will take all of the crap that was on the front of the fridge and will sort it all out. I have a red well where the cookbook pages are stores so any of the recipes that are worth saving will go in the red well. That way I have it all in one place and I can work on that on the weekends. The magnets that I have collected will go back, but again it is more reducing the clutter that is important. Hopefully , I will get to the great room and kitchen windows today or tomorrow , but as EVERYONE points out I am trying mys best to not do as I usually do...completely over do it thus causing my back to seize up on me.

All in all , I am a happy Aunty, I love the house and actually do enjoy seeing a task through from start to completion.

Me OCD..nah..what ever gave you that idea ?

Have a great week..I'm back to chores and Bones on TNT..


Aunty Pol aka Mrs. Cleaning Monkey .

Friday, April 19, 2013

This made Me Laugh All Damn Day !


Aunty Pol

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

It's finally over.

I went to the bank and got the final cashiers check for the Moron and yes...OF COURSE WE WENT OVER BUDGET ! I fully expected to and can afford it so what the hell.

It's been interesting when I think about all of this .

When we first moved into the house , we hadn't been married very long. We were lucky enough that the stars lined up and we were able to buy the house from my SIL. Being a semi new bride I was hell bent to redecorate it ( nothing personal ) and so we did. Paint, wall paper, antique satin drapes , we did the whole number and it was fun doing this with a husband who actually took an interest ( at times too much ) in all of it. We  still had the original oak paneling in the living room and on the lower half of the dining room walls but it was a start. After a while , I realized that I had in fact decorated it as if it were the sort of house that I grew up in...Yes...I imitated my mother . Down to a t . And it was okay but it wasn't us, it was dark and I felt like I was living in a cave. The peach and green ( it was late 80's after all ) had to go .

So we decided to revamp it after a few years.

The original paneling was solid oak and so we kept it . We painted the walls and all of the oak cabinets white and got slipcovers and cotton tab top yellow drapes. Light bright and beachy. The master bedroom was painted that peacock color that was really popular in the early 90's and I sponge painted the bathroom in complementary colors. We had by this time started collecting Mardi Gras masks so voila...the master bedroom motif began to resemble a New Orleans Brothel..or so I have heard it referred to as ...whatevs.


New carpet went in and it was okay for a while until we decided yet again that we needed to revamp after a few more years..
So having gone from wall paper to white walls well.....yeah....we were slowly finding out what we really wanted and what really worked for us .

This next  time I went all out..sort of .

The sofa and my chair were replaced by 2 new pieces covered in micro suede. The sofa was and is now brown, my chair is a chili red. We painted the living room and dining room a soft yellow, found 2 Tiffany style oil bronze lamps and antique/Persian style area rugs....and loved it  . Clearly we were on to something here.

We painted the kitchen a soft sage green and replaced the floor in the kitchen with faux slate in green/brown/gray pale..and it worked.

My grave mistake was picking out a taupe color for the 2 hallways that was more ..dingy mushroom. I hated it so much , I never re-hung any art of photos. The bathrooms remained the same as did all three bedrooms .

At this point , after a few more years ,  I knew what I wanted to do but between finances and Xena's condition , we decided to tough it out until she had journeyed to the gate. She was more important than the by now ruined carpet and our concerns were her medical care. Our baby went to the bridge on Presidents day.

So, this year after caring for her for 3 1/2 years, we took the plunge.

We had already done the roof, deck and driveway last October and as the year ended , we knew that it was our last Christmas with her , so we basically said f it . She  was our focus . But...knowing that , we had begun to talk about what  we wanted and were we REALLY going to do this ? The RIGHT WAY ?

Yes Ma'm and or Sir , we sure as hell were.

Bear in mind, that up until this point , my husband did all  of the cosmetic changes and did a great job, he had worked with the Moron and is quite good at building stuff and the painting stuff and so on.

But....Mama wanted more...and had the money.

The kitchen is still green but the counters are now black granite as it the back splash rather than the faux butcher block Formica. The floor is still the same as it is only 4 years old. The door from the kitchen into the garage is a new metal , painted black and the door frame is stained red mahogany as is all of the kitchen baseboards .

Beside new hardwood floors through out the house save kitchen and bathrooms, all of the baseboards are all new stained mahogany wood. All of the interior doors and door frames are also new and stained mahogany wood.

All of the outlets are replaced throughout the house by oil rubbed bronze.

New light fixtures are up in the hallway and the master bedroom.

All of the interior save the master bedroom and bath are newly painted a shade of soft yellow or deeper tone depending on the location.

Both front and back door are repainted the same barn red.

Half walls in the master bathroom and faux soffet were removed, the master bathroom was gutted and redone. New paint, commode, vanity , lighting and floor  , shower ( including new tile and door ) were installed.

The guest bathroom was also gutted except for the tub and the built in cabinet was resurfaced with new doors and stained in the red mahogany. The master bedroom and bath was painted a dusty purple and the linens /bedding are a dark smoky gray solid color.

All door handles , pulls , outlet covers and light switch plate covers  throughout the entire  house were replaced with the exception of the Master bedroom and bath which are brushed chrome.

New drapes for the 3 bedrooms and rods were installed.

The house is now exactly what I envisioned and wanted to have.

It's simple in a craftsman style color palate and for the first time, I truly LOVE my house. It took time, baby steps and mistakes to get to the point that we knew what  suited us and our lives.

I can't quite believe it's over.

Oh no wait....there's a cashiers check in my purse.

Reality check..done.

I am out of the office next week , cleaning and trying to get my life back in order so I will be blogging from the Casa.

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Master Bath Reveal ~ Tah Dah ~ !

Shazaam !

The top 2 photos are of the old wall taken down to the studs where the tile half wall is taken out and then the new wall with the paint is up.

The next two show where the old cabinet was and the removed half privacy wall was, followed by the new paint and visual of the new open counter top sans cabinet that used to be over the commode .

The last picture is of the opposite end of the vanity with all of my crap on it , lol and a shot of the mirror that shows the master bedroom area also in the dusty purple and smokey gray scheme.

I finally have my bathroom back.
You would not believe how happy we BOTH are not to be sharing a bathroom. I think in many ways this was the biggest challenge with the remodel in the amount of cost and labor .


The longest time constraint was the wait for the vanity top which was a custom order but once that was in it all came together ...well except for the fact that we had to have the lights over the vanity raised because we miss measured the space for the mirror..yup...the usual .

SU and I spent the better part of Saturday cleaning the master bedroom...and I do mean the better part of the day.Once all of the floors were properly hoovered and swiffered and the flat surfaces were dusted  and then dusted again , I realized that the only way to get the antiques cleaned was with Old English Oil ( which they sorely needed ) and q tips .

So we detailed out the heavily antique chest of drawers and dressing table.

The black Teak chest that I inherited which is deeply carved ( at least 1/8 inch deep ) will be an all day and then some since I know it hadn't been done in at least 10 years ( Daddy's been gone 9 years now ).

And I won't mind a bit.

Other than the kitchen to be painted and the stained baseboards..and then the punch list, I do believe we may be close to done.

I can't quite grasp that yet.

More reveals will follow. I really don't have any old photos unless I go back through the blog but I will ujpdate as I can.

Aunty Pol

Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Happy Friday Y'all.

My inner . oh who the hell am I kidding here...I'm fan girl squeeeeing like a banshee....Bruce and Star Trek...I am now a blissed out Aunty Pol.

Moving right along , pls to see the previous post to see how my day began...I'll wait.

La de dah de dah..all righty then.  As you can see it was interesting to say the least. I have literally been laughing my ass off all day because in addition to this , Beezer ( one of my attorneys at work ) said to more than a few of my gal pals..and I am NOT making this up .." Well you know since it's Ride Your Bike To Work Day...she is probably biking her way to work."

Beezer...Dude...really ?

Have you met me ?

How long have I worked here..oh yeah ....a month shy of 31 years.

Dude !

I can't wait to share this bit with SU.

One the home front...the vanity top is in but not completed, the door is replaced for the A/C handler thingy and it is stained...we are getting closer.

I have plants to plant this weekend and Southside says that he is going to be swinging by but I guess I need to call him because the gals want to take me out to a birthday lunch on Sunday..

Yep..I'm a social butterfly ...respect mah authority dammit !

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol

Well Played Husband, Well Played.

It seems that  SU slept so hard last night that when his first alarm went off at 4:30 am..normal in the Casa , he turned and thought " Why the &**& did I set the alarm on a Friday night..shite , it's Saturday. So he gets up , tries to hush up Gracie .." You wake Mama and we are both dead" and feeds the kittys. Then as is his custom, he starts laundry and goes to play on the PC. About 7:40 or so he goes out to fetch the paper and wonders why there are school buses going down the street on Saturday morning and wonders yet again why the paper is dated Friday when it is Saturday morning.

Wait for it......wait....

2, 3, 4....

Feet slapping down hard wood floors , all 6 ft. + , 200 lbs of SU hauls ass..

" HONEY...HONEY...GET UP GET UP GET UP GET UP ...IT'S FRIDAY NOT SATURDAY....GET UP  GET UP GET UP. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I manage to get up , groggy as hell because I have also slept hard and realize Oh F me..we are laaaaattttteeeee...!

Call your boss honey , I will call mine...


Well played husband , well played.


The Wife Unit .

Thursday, April 11, 2013

This Is Kind Of Really Cool !


Last year I created a facebook page about the cousins on my mothers side of the family because over the years while the 6 of them have remained in pretty close contact up in Meeenaaasooooota , we three were not so much due to Daddy's Naval career. After running into one cousin ( Hey Judy !) , I began to run into others so I created a page. It's been kind of cool to realize that while we don't keep up with the page on a daily basis , we are making an effort to avoid the dreaded gorgon of " Damn...we only see each other at funerals...pass the hotdish ."....Engwalls are like that you dontcha know ( Double damn , the voices in my head now have the accent ...$#%^&*( )
Anyhoo, wioth one thing and another , I saw on FB the above link on my cousins page..and I got curious. I've heard of Kickstarter of course and have funded some things previously so I slapped Mr. Linky as is my custom...


There's my cousins daughter , Miss Marinna and her cohorts.

What struck me about this is that while other young hopefuls have had the same goal, they are content to wait on luck , magic, fairy dust and unicorns to make their mark...while Marinna and this group have decided to make their own luck. They are using Kickstarter to raise seed money and it's really a small amount ..so what the hell.

I have spent more on a mani/pedi and will most likely donate again .

Like I've said, SU and I have been helped when we needed it so yeah..

Check it out..it's awkward to push this when there is family involved but as for me


Have a great Friday .


Aunty Pol

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Thus Far............................

Get Cashiers check for IRS..check..


2012 was not completely awful on the tax return so I will get that crap off into certified mail tomorrow and lah de f'g dah ! All hail Turbo tax..hey what can I say..the tax code keeps your Aunty Pol gainfully employed.

On the home front :

The black granite counter tops and back splash are  installed in the kitchen and man, are they cool looking . The grout is in ...yes Moron , I am afraid that I am going to insist......and we will seal it ourselves this weekend. Don't get me wrong , I love the Moron and trust him with our house and we do understand his situation...it's just hard with 3 way communication at times...it will all be okay. I just need to be clear as the client as to what my expectations are .

Huzzah Dept : We now have TWO WORKING COMMODES  ! And the shower in the master is operational. Now if the granite counter top comes in , please Bast on the 11'th as promised , ..wait for it ...wait for it .....I MAY HAVE MINE OWN BATHROOM BACK THIS WEEKEND !!!!!

And the Angels will sing...

And finally we have the kitchen sink hooked up !
Throw a chiggin in the oven Daddy, we  gonna eat real food.!

Realistically, this is no better or worse than I have heard from anyone who has gone through it . Friends ( This would be you  Lady Lisa ) told me the truth on what to expect and while I did get stressed out and freaked out , it could have been a lot worse.

Think about it , in the last 8 weeks we have:
1.Put in wood floors with stained baseboards in the entire house save the 2 bathrooms and the kitchen.
2.Demo'd the guest bath including replacing 4 doors on a built in cabinet with new frames and stained doors ..... save the tub.
3. Moved the water heater the garage and created/finished a linen closet in the old water heater closet.
4. Repainted the entire interior save the kitchen  .......kitchen .to be done.
5. Replaced all existing interior doors  with new stained doors.
6 . Replaced all cabinet hardware, light switch covers and outlet covers.
7. Completely demo'd the master bath ...... except for the granite counter top to be done
8. Installed granite counter tops and back splash in the kitchen.

I know that there are probably couple small things that I have forgotten but all in all..we are close.


Aunty Pol

Monday, April 08, 2013

So Sad


So sad.
She was a gracious lady in every sense of the word and did more to raise understanding of MS than anyone I can remember.

Rest In Peace Miss Annette, you have surely earned it.

Your Fan,
Aunty Pol

Gracie's Adventure

The above photo is not an actual one of Gracie Marie, but it does represent her attitude last night . Ever since we put the hard wood floors in , she has discovered that if she sits at one end of the hallway and yodels, the flooring amplifies the volume and she is quite happy showing off.

I am not kidding.

I was watching the latest Grimm that I recorded last night and hisself was on the computer with the headphones on ....and low and behold...the aria began . Rising in pitch and volume it was quite the show. Of course I hollered at her to shut it..being a loving mom and all...and after a bit I went to the WC. Hisself at this point has gotten up and come down the hallway to check into it as he can hear her over the headphones ( in all fairness , they are not Bose by any stretch of the imagination ) ...and discovers...

Low and behold....idiot child walked into the linen closet which has wood floors and a rather deep cubby hole at the bottom.....and she got herself shut in there .

Well no wonder she was hollering !

Idiot child..
I guess we will have to check it every so often of we know that she should be in the house and we can't find her fuzzy butt .

As Pop would say " That'll learn ya " .

The Bad Mama....who laughed her ass off .

The Light At The End OF The Tunnel ~ Bast , Please Don't Let It Be A Choo Choo .

Top to bottom :

Top : Shasta Daisy's
Middle : Coral Honeysuckle
Bottom : Tuscan Blue Rosemary

Happy happy joy joy.

I have been looking for Shasta Daisy's for 31 years.
I found them this weekend at the local Lowes.

I cannot describe how happy this makes me . My parents had a house in Claremont , California  close to Miramar or as it is actually called Marine Corps Air Station Miramar . Daddy was on the subs at that  time in the early 1960's and they had a house on Mt. St . La Plata .I can remember my father doing the most amazing landscaping...hanging fuschias on the patio  cover, redwood box planters on casters full of gardenias , mom's red geraniums but most of all, I remember the redwood fence he built and the boarders of daisies....all along one front side inside the back yard and along the fence line between us and the Bassones .

I have looked for this simple , modest , unassuming plant for over 30 years since I came down here.

Lowes has 'em baby !

The honeysuckle was an impulse and the rosemary is a given , Quint love to brush along it and I use the hell out of it in cooking..

I am officially a happy camper.

Have a great week.

Aunty Pol

Friday, April 05, 2013

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

The Dreaded Employee Manual aka WTF ?
Why is this news to some people ?

Yeah Betty, you KNOW I was gonna blog about it .....LMAO Fist Pump !
Oh the angst around the joint...Holy Frakkin A ...even I am amazed at the twitterpation.

Every so often the Employee Manual is updated.
This time was a bit different. Our lead HR person ( we have 2 - yeah, it confuses all of us  too )  has a refreshingly pleasent sense of humor. For this alone I almost  revere her as much as I do anyone in authority.
And this time I  immediately saw the sands in the hour glass soap opera angst on the horizon ...( Bonus points if you can name the soap opera I just referred to...double points if you can do it without using Google or Wikipedia ) .First, the page count in the EM is halved.
Outstanding !
There are some changes and an attachment that we all must sign and forward to HR saying that we WILL read and COMPLY with the EM.

Not Have .
Will .

Whiskey .
Tango .
Foxtrot .


First of all , it should have read HAVE READ AND WILL COMPLY.
Will indicates intention not the completion of the action.

Ok...I can let that one pass since I may be one of the few that actually caught that .

Then there was the usual bit about harassment ( general and sexual...) . FRAKKIN DUH !

Then the best part.

The Dress Code.

Best line ever  :



I shite you not .


What are we  ?

12 ?

Who in the world is this  meant for  ?

And then the fun part. We can wear blue jeans on the Friday of a holiday weekend year round and additionally can wear them every Friday from Memorial Day through Labor Day .During the summer we may also wear ankle length pants and or capri's..but the capri's MUST NOT BE DENIM  .


So I can wear denim jeans but capris must be twill or material of the non denim species  ?

First of all, and this is honestly my personal opinion....Capri's , pedal pushers /clam diggers ( Yes I am over 55 ) are never appropriate in the office regardless of whether your job has a casual dress code policy or not.

Period .

Secondly...  Ladies, if you are considering it  , for the love of Bast..shave your legs...even if you limit it to the part that will show .

The biggest problem is that historically ( I can say that with a straight face after 31 years here ) we have NEVER enforced the policy evenly or consistently..ever. Am I the only person whose parents raised them with the idea that if you have to ask if something is appropriate and or  acceptable..you already know the answer ?

There were other issues..clocking in and out for lunch amongst them and people are all WTF ?

If you do the right thing and play by the rules you have no problems. No one is being asked to Narc out anyone else. If you feel entitled to cheat policy...


As clearly stated , you can be terminated.

You been served MOFO .

Have A Great Weekend .


Aunty Pol

I Couldn't Make This Up If I Tried .


I was noodling around Facebook and saw this post by George Takei....yes I am one of his legion of followers , we are not unlike the Kiss Army, just older and better dressed. I kid...I kid...I am also a member of KA . I suspect you all know that .

Anyhoo..George ( see ...we are so close I can call him by his first name and not get the obligatory (" Oh My ! ")  directed readers over to Amazon and the above link.

Y'all have to read the reviews...they are some of the most insane and by that I mean wonderful comments I have ever seen.

Slap Mr. Linky and prepare to laugh till you may in fact have to pee.

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol

Thursday, April 04, 2013

I Have A Birthday Twin ~ Guess Who !

It's Tardar Sauce aka Grumpy Cat !
Happy purrthday sweetie!


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, April 03, 2013


This made me laugh all day.
Been a long day it seems.


Aunty Pol

Hot Diggity Damn !


One of my favorite food blogs is " Pinch My Salt ." Nicole has just the most charming way of writing about food and I have never had a problem with any of the recipes of hers that I have tried . The other tried and true blog that I read every day is " Smitten Kitchen."

I have missed cooking and baking so much the last few months as this renovation has taken on a life of its own that frankly I was surprised. Now that we are closer to the end ..LOL..who the hell am I kidding here...anyhoo, I had made this bread a year or so ago and the only change that I made was to glaze the top with some orange marmalade that I had semi softened in the nuker......OMG...sheer bliss ! So here I am pondering the kitchen and thinking about the collection of recipes that have sat long and forlorn in their neglect..aka the 3 ring binder of recipes I was collecting and collating...on a shelf that has to be cleared out along with the pantry when the Moron starts to paint..breathe Pol...breathe...it will get done....you will finish the collection..breathe.....I panicked.

Big Surprise..............NOT !

Where the hell is this recipe...King Arthur....nope....Tasty Kitchen...negatory....Wait....wait....

Pinch My Salt ??????

Oh happy day....there it is....calling my name...." Bake me.....Bake me..."

Soon precious...soon.....

It helps to have a clear goal when attempting to avoid panic mode.

Go check out Miss Nicole's bloggy...off you go .

Aunty Pol

Just Another Reason I Value My Friends.


Now you don't have to be a cat person  but there are times it helps. Lady Lisa  just sent me an e mail with the link above..I promise you , it is funny. Also check out www.dorktower.com and www.leasticoulddo.com ...Least I could do is hillarious but be warned..it is ADULT CONTENT AND NOT SAFE FOR WORK...so be cool if you check it out . As long as we are  talking comics..also check out www.pibgorn.com( See below for the non broken linky - sorry - )  by the author of 9 Chickweed Lane and www.lfg.com . The last one is by the same authors as Least I Could Do and is a lot milder...it's geared towards DND game players/ game masters ( guilty as charged Constable ) and WOW. LFG stands for " Looking for group and if you've ever devoted/spent/wasted days if  not years to D&D and PBP ( AHEM...CT...are we ever going to get a game going again ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? Had to ask - LOL-Hugs to all ) you will get "Looking for Group."

Enjoy these most worthy comics.

EDIT : http://www.gocomics.com/pibgorn

Aunty Pol

SU's Having A Fit

I guess that we all have our lines in the sand and this remodelling project has been a lesson for both of us . My biggest bitch is stuff that I see that I know needs to be attended to when it comes time for the proverbial punch list...trust me ,I am the one that sees every damn thing..and up until the other night he was " It's okay honey, they will fix that ......and then it was about the master bath shower entry tile...and he went ballistic. Yes, we did go back and get the white tile SU wanted and by that I mean he trooped off to get it ....and I don't know what the problem is other than the box they guys bought wasn't the pure white we wanted...I was fine with the grey in it but it's one of those situations where you know to back off...and I did...They got the white tile up but it's a straight edge and not a bull edge...it's his thing....I am at the point of WTF..I just throw my hands up a lot, it will all be fine..it's just gotten old..and the kitchen being non usable..what a royal pain in the ass that has become.

Vent over....anyone spare a Valium ?

Aunty Pol

Monday, April 01, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday ~ !

Some people just push stuff and push some more and will never ever learn. EC aka Empress Carlotta had better back the fuck up , her arrogance and tone ..lets just say today is the last time. I am not going to reply in kind and will mentally consign her to the 7"th level of Hell...I think that's the Kardashions floor..

On a lighter note...

We have gotten to the point that when we come home now it is with the anticipation of " I wonder what got done today " as opposed to " OMG>>>WTF >>>>OVER>>>>>>SCREAM ! "  The rug is back in the living room and after a cursory sweeping /dry moping , the living room and dining room are sort of back to normal..or what passes for it at the Casa. OF course.. the kitchen counters are to be left bare since the granite should arrive this week...and I am hopeful for the master bath vanity top..sooner better than later . There was one truly odd area..the surround to the master shower had some sort of fubared plastic crap around it that we jsut went Oh F dat..so off again to buy tile so it can be done proper....We both are in complete agreement and for once HE was more gobsmacked that I was about it..LMAO !
So with the counters cleared I guess  the coffee maker will be plugged in via extension cord and I will have to find some where to give the kids their treatios..don't ask...I do wish Boshi wouldn't bite the corners off..strange child o mine.

Laundry got some what more caught up , tho that is a thankless process...and I actually got a bit of cooking in....HUZZAH !  Southside Johnny came over on Good Friday and we made a Kroger run so that I could at least get some stuff done for lunches..this eating out is for the birds and $$$$$$ and boring when it comes down to it ..

We carry on it seems .

I hope  everyone had a lovely Easter if you celebrate that sort of thing.

Have a great week .


Aunty Pol