Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The One Where I don't Mind The Work.

It's peaceful here in the Casa. I could really get used to this .We are still walking around , taking it all  in and enjoying the changes. We've been through our respective freak outs and so on and had the girls over Sunday night for our first Sunday dinner in possibly 4 months. Nothing fancy, just boiled shrimp, bread, salad and wine. It was lovely to reclaim some of our routine.

I am home this week , taking some much needed time off to get the house back in order, which won't sound like fun to anyone else but me. I can set my own pace so I am getting stuff done and yet keeping time for some reading out on the deck .We are reducing a lot of the crap that we have gathered over the last 20 + years in the Casa and that makes us both happy .

One thing that I am doing a bit differently this time is that I am starting with the big projects rather than saving them for last. Usually, I do the regular house cleaning and by the time I am done, I am just too spent to tackle the things that I really want to do..polishing the silver, cleaning all of the crystal etc. .....and the big chores just never get done. I've cleaned off the fridge top and sides and in a bit will take all of the crap that was on the front of the fridge and will sort it all out. I have a red well where the cookbook pages are stores so any of the recipes that are worth saving will go in the red well. That way I have it all in one place and I can work on that on the weekends. The magnets that I have collected will go back, but again it is more reducing the clutter that is important. Hopefully , I will get to the great room and kitchen windows today or tomorrow , but as EVERYONE points out I am trying mys best to not do as I usually do...completely over do it thus causing my back to seize up on me.

All in all , I am a happy Aunty, I love the house and actually do enjoy seeing a task through from start to completion.

Me OCD..nah..what ever gave you that idea ?

Have a great week..I'm back to chores and Bones on TNT..


Aunty Pol aka Mrs. Cleaning Monkey .


sunflowerch said...

Sounds like fun to me, too! Enjoy . . . See you next week.

kleinwort said...

Just finished cruising the last blog entries. Congrats, honey! 2 working commodes and happiness with the construction project ~ you so deserve it!