Monday, April 08, 2013

The Light At The End OF The Tunnel ~ Bast , Please Don't Let It Be A Choo Choo .

Top to bottom :

Top : Shasta Daisy's
Middle : Coral Honeysuckle
Bottom : Tuscan Blue Rosemary

Happy happy joy joy.

I have been looking for Shasta Daisy's for 31 years.
I found them this weekend at the local Lowes.

I cannot describe how happy this makes me . My parents had a house in Claremont , California  close to Miramar or as it is actually called Marine Corps Air Station Miramar . Daddy was on the subs at that  time in the early 1960's and they had a house on Mt. St . La Plata .I can remember my father doing the most amazing landscaping...hanging fuschias on the patio  cover, redwood box planters on casters full of gardenias , mom's red geraniums but most of all, I remember the redwood fence he built and the boarders of daisies....all along one front side inside the back yard and along the fence line between us and the Bassones .

I have looked for this simple , modest , unassuming plant for over 30 years since I came down here.

Lowes has 'em baby !

The honeysuckle was an impulse and the rosemary is a given , Quint love to brush along it and I use the hell out of it in cooking..

I am officially a happy camper.

Have a great week.

Aunty Pol

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