Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Happy Friday Y'all.

My inner . oh who the hell am I kidding here...I'm fan girl squeeeeing like a banshee....Bruce and Star Trek...I am now a blissed out Aunty Pol.

Moving right along , pls to see the previous post to see how my day began...I'll wait.

La de dah de dah..all righty then.  As you can see it was interesting to say the least. I have literally been laughing my ass off all day because in addition to this , Beezer ( one of my attorneys at work ) said to more than a few of my gal pals..and I am NOT making this up .." Well you know since it's Ride Your Bike To Work Day...she is probably biking her way to work."

Beezer...Dude...really ?

Have you met me ?

How long have I worked here..oh yeah ....a month shy of 31 years.

Dude !

I can't wait to share this bit with SU.

One the home front...the vanity top is in but not completed, the door is replaced for the A/C handler thingy and it is stained...we are getting closer.

I have plants to plant this weekend and Southside says that he is going to be swinging by but I guess I need to call him because the gals want to take me out to a birthday lunch on Sunday..

Yep..I'm a social butterfly ...respect mah authority dammit !

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol

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