Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Hot Diggity Damn !

One of my favorite food blogs is " Pinch My Salt ." Nicole has just the most charming way of writing about food and I have never had a problem with any of the recipes of hers that I have tried . The other tried and true blog that I read every day is " Smitten Kitchen."

I have missed cooking and baking so much the last few months as this renovation has taken on a life of its own that frankly I was surprised. Now that we are closer to the end ..LOL..who the hell am I kidding here...anyhoo, I had made this bread a year or so ago and the only change that I made was to glaze the top with some orange marmalade that I had semi softened in the nuker......OMG...sheer bliss ! So here I am pondering the kitchen and thinking about the collection of recipes that have sat long and forlorn in their neglect..aka the 3 ring binder of recipes I was collecting and collating...on a shelf that has to be cleared out along with the pantry when the Moron starts to paint..breathe will get will finish the collection..breathe.....I panicked.

Big Surprise..............NOT !

Where the hell is this recipe...King Arthur....nope....Tasty Kitchen...negatory....Wait....wait....

Pinch My Salt ??????

Oh happy day....there it is....calling my name...." Bake me.....Bake me..."

Soon precious...soon.....

It helps to have a clear goal when attempting to avoid panic mode.

Go check out Miss Nicole's you go .

Aunty Pol

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