Monday, April 01, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday ~ !

Some people just push stuff and push some more and will never ever learn. EC aka Empress Carlotta had better back the fuck up , her arrogance and tone ..lets just say today is the last time. I am not going to reply in kind and will mentally consign her to the 7"th level of Hell...I think that's the Kardashions floor..

On a lighter note...

We have gotten to the point that when we come home now it is with the anticipation of " I wonder what got done today " as opposed to " OMG>>>WTF >>>>OVER>>>>>>SCREAM ! "  The rug is back in the living room and after a cursory sweeping /dry moping , the living room and dining room are sort of back to normal..or what passes for it at the Casa. OF course.. the kitchen counters are to be left bare since the granite should arrive this week...and I am hopeful for the master bath vanity top..sooner better than later . There was one truly odd area..the surround to the master shower had some sort of fubared plastic crap around it that we jsut went Oh F off again to buy tile so it can be done proper....We both are in complete agreement and for once HE was more gobsmacked that I was about it..LMAO !
So with the counters cleared I guess  the coffee maker will be plugged in via extension cord and I will have to find some where to give the kids their treatios..don't ask...I do wish Boshi wouldn't bite the corners off..strange child o mine.

Laundry got some what more caught up , tho that is a thankless process...and I actually got a bit of cooking in....HUZZAH !  Southside Johnny came over on Good Friday and we made a Kroger run so that I could at least get some stuff done for lunches..this eating out is for the birds and $$$$$$ and boring when it comes down to it ..

We carry on it seems .

I hope  everyone had a lovely Easter if you celebrate that sort of thing.

Have a great week .


Aunty Pol

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