Thursday, March 28, 2013

Friday Eve For The Win !

This has been making me laugh all day...yeah..good times.
Rumor has it that they are bringing back " Who's Line Is It Anyway ? " and I am hopeful because it was a true favorite of mine.

On the home front...

Huzzah, the shower in the master bathroom is grouted...the part of the end of the hallway that was fubared is ready for paint and the baseboard, the new doors ( not stained yet ) are up in the master bedroom....the granite for the kitchen counters will be in the first part of next week so all of the counters and pass through have to be cleared off...progress folks , progress.

I think that I am going to get the stuff to make hot dish this weekend , it will keep in the fridge and not having a working kitchen so to speak is both a pain in the ass and $$$$$ .

All in all life is good, I get to sleep in tomorrow and actually have a day off without the contractors there..awkward at best and just another royal pain..

Have a good day off if you get Good Friday.

Aunty Pol

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Eric and Flynn said...

Thank you for your kind words on the passing of our dear boy Eric. The messages of condolence from so many are helping us more than we thought possible.