Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Nerd Alert


There was a show on scifi ( yes..that long ago) whose name escapes me, yeah big surprise..anyhoo...that I think was called " Battle Bots". Challengers/Contestants built their own robots and had challenge matches. It was pretty cool , and I enjoyed it a lot. Most of the contestants were guys who were typical audio video club nerds in school...this was before BBT ( Big Bang Theory ) made being a nerd both funny and cool.

I am completely in love with RCL.

Accepting of course that Frank Herbert's concept of the Butlerian Jihad predates the Cylon uprising concept  in BSG , this is about as close to actual conceptual robot fighting as you can get . Yes, the FIRST Transformers movie was   good , and of course Optimus Prime rocks...but....

I have always thought that the study of robotics was really interesting and engaging and RCL makes robotics, engineering and software design cool , at least to some of SyFy's demographic. Lets face it, this is about as close as wrestling or fighting can get representing science fiction concepts .

And it just f'g rocks.

Check it out, you won't be sorry.

Aunty Pol

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