Tuesday, March 19, 2013

OOPS ~ Brain Fart - Again ! ~

I guess you could call it an anniversary , it's the anniversary of the day that I forget and blew past the anniversary of this bloggy.

Think about it  for a minute and you will be surprised that the sentence above actually makes some sense and really does if you know me in real life.

I started this blog on March 13, 2006 ....yeppers...7 years ago .

My very first post was about losing Jakey J . My other blog went kaput for whatever reasons may or may not have offended the Gods of De Blog...I know not nor do I care...whatevs. All I know is that I have a profound need at times , usually crisis ,  to write  . I used to keep journals , yeah ...I am THAT old , and sometimes the simple act of writing something down helps to validate it , choose how to react to a situation or to simply vent.

Sometimes , it's nothing more complicated than wanting to bitch about something.

Sometimes it's about a recipe that I can't wait to try or another blog that I have discovered and want to share and or give a shout out to .

And sometimes it's still all about the shoes .

Very few people I actually know are privy to this blog .  If you are , then that alone should tell you how much I trust you in my real life and how much I value your insight, friendship and kinship in all things either totally fucked up or at least moderately insane.

I've written about profound joy...my great niece, God-Grandbaby, the Sistah of my Heart and my chosen family..the NG's ..even SU ....and even Space Cows ( oh CT , you know I couldn't resist...hugs to all ) . I've also written about profound loss...our mothers, and our babies . The notes and calls in that instance has meant more than you will ever know.

I've written about things that tickle me, confuse me , piss me off and push me to try things ...and give me inspiration to write about some of the more epic failures like the cupcake debacle or never let a 2 year old hobbit handle a hand mixer.

Sometimes I've used this as a vehicle to let SU know that I am upset or hurt by something and by writing it here I can focus on the issue and not the anger . Pissed...he doesn't fret about , he knows my temper and we are still married...he gets it .

But most of all, I write for me.

If I've made you laugh, that's cool. If I've pissed you off...not my problem, and after all..how big a deal was it ? If you still read this drivel, I guess you're not really all that mad at me are you ?

So..enjoy your day  , and thanks for stopping by..now let's go get an adult beverage..I've got monies.

Aunty Pol

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kleinwort said...

And very glad I am that you started it, Aunty. Know I've been more MIA than not lately, but you know I loves ya!