Wednesday, March 20, 2013

W\e're Down to One Bathroom aka KILL ME NOW !

Talk about an OMG moment !
Yep..we are now sharing the guest are in a shoe box on the back of the tank and dear Lord how long will this last ? The faux box soffet over the sink is gone, the half privacy wall that was the width if the cabinet is gone..the tile floor is gone...and before you ask..I am married and if I want privacy in the master's called a door and not some bogus bullshit 70's decorator from Hell crap.

Has to be  done , yes of course.

Am I gonna bitch about it ?


Unless you are a really really new reader , consider yourself Diniozo'd..yep..I just smacked you upside the head...with love of course....LMAO .

Aunty Pol

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