Thursday, March 21, 2013

And It's Not Even Easter Yet !

We've all suspected as much . We've watched the weather  for the last few years anc can still see the damaged trees and lack of rain . One of the attorneys I work with just had a sprinkler system installed and the price was he is going to get me the data, it wasn't much more than we spent on the granite vanity top for the master bath..(.I'll tell you later honey ). We have flower beds along 3 of 4 sides of the house and while I like my flowers I am more concerned about the foundation.

On an up note, I got a hold of the Moron who is pretty stressed because we had said that we hoped to have all of the work done by the end of the month which is so not going to happen....I was and am more than willing into cancel the staycation as I routinely take the first week of April in order to avoid adding another layer on the bean dip of chaos.  I guess the best thing to do is leave notes as his cell was breaking up and this is one of the busiest part of the year at the office , being a tax law firm and all . One thing I realized is that there have been times that I have had to share a bathroom with SU or have had to use a very nice but uber small one..usually on vacation in a nice I am going to delude myself as best I can that I am in a hotel....and I want a cupcake and a pony as long as we are at it .

Hang in there , it's Friday Eve.

Aunty Pol

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