Thursday, March 07, 2013

Lesson Learned ~ Get Specific Information When Ordering ANYTHING While In Renovation Mode .

My husband picks me up every night after work and last night was no different..mostly . Full disclosure here , I am a smoker .....yeah..don't go there . I do not smoke in my car and I am polite around others. Anyhoo , as is my custom, I have a smoke before getting in the car and during this time , SU and I chat a bit.

Him :  I spoke to Steve ( aka the Moron ) today.
Me :  ( Thinking Uh Oh...this could go badly really fast...) ...And
Him: : Well , it's about the vanity .
Me : WHAT !
Him: won't leave China until mid March and then it won't ge there until mid April.
Me : Bullshit ! The display said that they can have it here in 7 days at the most. I assumed they were talking Earth Time.
Him: No..the Moron went up to the store and tried to order it and that is what he was told.
Me : OK ...................FINE ! Pull around the block so I can hit the bank ATM..We are going to order a vanity that can be delivered in a reasonable space of time. I am NOT sharing the guest bath with you for 2 months.

So we find the one above . Not what I wanted but quite nice and it will do ....I am past caring about the delivery charge , I just want to get it here . Evidently this is an issue with 60 inch vanities in general.
The moral or lesson learned is to verify, verify and verify delivery dates early and often.

When we got home , we saw that Steve had gotten the flooring in Yeah !
There is a huge Jenga-esque display stacked in the den.....53 boxes.

And a chain saw in the front hallway.

When I told some of my chums aka partners in crime here at the office, oddly no one blinked or thought twice about me and a chain saw....

As one of them said " Sounds about right ."

Well.....I thought it was funny..yeah surprise there.

Aunty Pol

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