Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Universal Cure For PMS/The Blues And Whatever Else Ails You .

With one thing or another over the course of the last few months ( Xena's illness, renovation, life in general etc.) beside the marked lapse in postings here, I also haven't been able to get a chance to really cook or bake as is my custom.....and I am now just understanding how much I miss it.

As life became one never ending round of meds and cleaning up and vet runs, I pretty much gave up on a lot of things. I guess the last 2 years, losing both our Marys, and then Andy and Munchy and now Xena just wore me out. Some Saturdays I could barely get out of bed and screw housework. SU is the only thing at times that kept us from qualifying for a guest shot on " Hoarders"...I kid...really, but that's how it seemed more often then not to me.

And I just threw my hands up in the air. I tend to over do it on the housework as it is and he is always fussing about me taking care that I don't over do it ..back issues you know..There is a point with her chronic issues...IBS, Enteritis and then the Herpes eye issue , where we could barely keep up. Can you imagine how it felt to have litter boxes all over the house and her still not make it ? It was  not a lack of control or defiance, it just was.

So we quit entertaining.

We both love to have people over ...and we just quit.

And  now we are in renovation mode.

The carpet that is ruined will be gone. I can attest to you that for general purposes , the Hoover or the Bissell carpet cleaners go a very good job..up to a point. We were at the point where even Stanley or Coit would have walked in and said " Oh hell no..! "

As crazy as this is making me..and trust me oh it of the many upsides is that when we get to the point that we can cart crap..oops...treasured belongings back ..that it will be with a clean slate. It's easier to keep up when you are fairly clean to begin with. And we have both gone through clutter, books have been sold, clothes given to charity etc. It is amazing how much clutter you accumulate when you have been in a house for 20 + years. There has been a lot of  " WTF do we have this for or what does it do or why do we have it if it is broken .." .

I miss all my babies dearly, but I do not miss " Poop Patrol " aka " Who Dropped The Dooky ?" I will not miss the awful taupe ( shitty mushroom color ) color choice mistake that I made in the 2 hallways compounded by the darker shade ( shudder ) trim around the hallway doors.. I will not miss that idiotic half wall in the master. I will not miss the water heater in the actual interior hallway closet . I will not miss the fake Formica butcher block counter tops and back splash in the kitchen .

I will not miss being so stressed out that I can barely put one foot in front of the other .

I am actually looking forward to baking and cooking again , I miss the comments from the peanut gallery ( LOL ) but being more than a tad OCD..I miss the order I need in my daily life.

I've even made peace with the financial cost of all of this ...and yes...we are paying for it home improvement loans for us.

Go slap Mr. Linky for the recipe at KAF..this is most likely the first thing that I am going to make.


Aunty Pol

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sunflowerch said...

Once the reno is over I expect treats when you start baking. (Betty Crocker)