Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The New Vanity and Poetry In The Park Color

This is the color that the master bedroom and bath will be and this is the vanity. There will be a half wall demo'd in the bath, and all of the tile in the shower will be replaced with the largest white tile that I can find..hey..less grout to clean  !

Because the half wall between the commode and the vanity will be removed, I will lose one towel bar but what the hell..and because of the way that the thing is made, the sink will have to be centered and not present on the left as it does now .


I will adapt.

The counter top will be a very pale gray, the fixtures are all brushed chrome and the area rugs towels etc will be a smoky gray....and yes.. pictures will follow.

When all this is done , I can come back to these posts and see the insanity we survived and I will post more before and afters as it goes along. At least this way, Sistah and Lady Lisa and Betty Crocker can see the madness ..LMAO !

I wonder what surprises await me tonight .

Aunty Pol

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