Monday, March 25, 2013

Lookey At My Sweet Pea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sweet pea has shoes on...glittery , sparkly , shiney girlie girl shoes ! And sockies with lace and a lace skirt.....oh..the shopping gene is rearing it's head....

And the week has begun on a cold and windy note , it was actually worse yesterday  and I am ready for it to be done...I say that now with all of the pollen but by Memorial day we will be wishing for a breeze ..any breeze. They are genuinely talking about how bad it's going to be...oh joy...we escaped last year with a very mild spring and summer so of course even though it got down to the mid 30's supposedly last night...I just had to have the purple petunias at's a crap too early and take a risk with the cold weather or  wait and watch 'em fry . But it's almost Easter .....I WANT SPRING !..It may have occurred last week when we had a few moderate days...or I may have finally gotten some sleep and missed out .

Dallas Alert : Afton Cooper ( Rebecca Pamela Barnes Ewing's mama  ) makes her appearance tonight y'all !


Not that I am watching it

Have a great week !

Aunty Pol

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