Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hello, My Name Is Aunty Pol And I Am A Pinner !

A friend at work told me about this thing called Pinterest and me being me, I gave it a looksie.

Mwahahah !

Be afraid, be very afraid.

It is the biggest bag of time wasting, slack jawed brain cell killing fun you can have and be sober.

You sign up/in and the fastest way is via facebook and you create boards . Like kittys ? They are there for the pinning, same for Dr. Who fans, shoe whores , cupcake junkies ..you name it ..they have it . You can gather recipes, ideas for the perfect kitchen or garden what ever.

I took an objective look at my boards and realized that my perfect outfit consists of jeans, heels and a huge ass handbag....I am obsessed with cupcakes, comfort food and Ozzy..and Dr. Who..sarcasm, shoes and Bruce...no surprises there kids..none at all .

More fun for free than the law should allow and if you have friends there, it is an interesting insight into their personalities...or I am over thinking it again in a vain attempt to keep what little sanity I have during the renovation...or as SU says....." Too Late ! "

Aunty Pol...the masked Pinner .

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