Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wheee...It's The First Day Of Spring !

Wheeeee !
It's the first day of spring and every year I bless Claudia Baines Johnson and her efforts to keep Texas native wild flowers like the Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes thriving in Texas . Heading north of Houston towards Brenham and the hill country along with Blue Bell Creamery and Chapel Hill Sausage in Brenham, the drive when the wildflowers is well worth  the time and fuel. It is a tradition that when they are really blooming that parents will drag..oops..take their tax deductions out to the fields and have their pictures taken among the blooms. Hopefully said deduction is neither allergy prone nor sitting on a fire ant bed. Trust me..there isn't enough Blue Bell in the company's freezer units at the plant  to hush a child down when ant bit.

Sadly, this year it is a very real possibility that the blooms will be few due to the anticipated drought ...AGAIN. As much as I hate to do it , I am giving up in the Hydrangeas in thee front of the house under the windows. They aren't re blooming much less showing any new shoots off of old wood and the bastards have to be watered EVERY NIGHT !....

Nope..swore up and down not this year.

Have a good Thursday or as I call it " Friday Eve".

Aunty Pol

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