Friday, March 01, 2013

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Happy Friday y'all.

It's been one of those weeks,
I simply cannot understand how frakkin ignorant some people can be...and yes Betty Crocker, I am talking about one of our co-workers.
I lost my shit in the bathroom today because of her.
She knows we just lost Xena 10 days ago.
She knows we have been through a lot with Xena.
I told her time and time again that we are not in the market so to speak.
Gracie is not as socialized as I could wish for and while not quite feral, she would have been if she had been out on the street any longer when we took her in . She is not mean to Boshi and Loki, loves the puppies next door to the point that we have all decided that it's more a case of joint custody than anything else....but because she plays rough at times , I cannot trust her with a kitten.

And the house is torn up and shit is scattered which sends them all into a tail spin and Loki and Boshi are still confused about their sister....

And she still proceeds to tell me that even though I have said all of this , that we need to take in not one but both of the kittens that she knows of that need a forever home.

And then she starts in about this Lab ( you KNOW who this is Betty) and how she wants to take him in but cannot because she cannot afford it...and that's when I had to excuse myself and head into the ladies WC.

Shaking in a wave of fresh grief, I am now angry.

" Oh..I's okay for you to try to force me into taking two more..but you get a free pass because of MONEY ?????

TWATASARUSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No...let me share how I really feel right now .

See You Next Tuesday.

I really don't look  good in prison orange which is her saving grace.


Aunty Pol

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