Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Details Matter People, They Really Frakin Do !

I got an e mail from my step sister this morning at work reminding me of something to do with the estate as it winds down .

She had previously mentioned that there was the matter of Daddy's watch to be attended to . I didn't think much on it because Daddy favored plain old Timex for his watches unlike some of us ( ahem..Moi ? ) who collects them. I vaguely declined and thought no more about it .

Ruh Roh !

I had no idea until I opened the attachment that it was in fact my paternal grandfathers pocket watch that was in question .

I replied back that if my brothers wanted it that they were welcome to it , but if not , I wanted it and the value of it could be deducted from the next disbursement.

Aside from the fact that actually this was not community property..( ahem) ...They had set up the trusts the way that they wanted to and in the end it is and was noneya ( none of my bidness ) what they set up. And...Laura was the one that spent every day for 8 weeks at her mothers side from the day she entered hospice to the day that she died, then with the help of the attorney administered the entire estate...so I can and genuinely do understand how a detail , even one as relevant as this could have been overlooked....it happens.

Details matter folks, I almost lost an opportunity to hang on to a family heirloom. Yes , I doubt it runs, but it is almost the only thing of my paternal grandfathers around aside from some oil paintings.

Lesson learned.

Aunty Pol

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