Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Easiet General Tso's Recipe Ever ~ Courtesy of Chocolate Moosey


I have been a fan of Miss Carla , author of Chocolate Moosey for ages. Who wouldn't be ? If you take one of my favorite food groups ( chocolate ~ and YES , it is a group , at least in my house ) and my complete adoration of Captain Kangaroo, especially Mr. Moose , nuff said.

And yes , I am old enough to remember watching the Captain, Mr. Moose, Mr. Green Jeans , Bunny rabbit and all the others. Todays generation missed out enormously without them.


Now, Asian cuisine is not something that I cook for us because SU simply does not care for it and I both respect and understand his position. ....so I wait until one of us is out of town. Cause I'm smart like that . I did have a recipe for a variation of this and it was good, but this recipe....easy peasy . I figured out that I can use my huge deep fat fryer if I need and I almost always have chicken breasts in the freezer because Ina Gartens chicken salad recipe with tarragon is to die for and a staple in our house . Hells bells, I still have a jug of the red rooster sauce in the fridge....yatzee !!!!

Go over and check out her blog, it's wonderful and colorful and all those things that are gonna make my voluptuous self a happy camper.

Go...go now..slap Mr. Linky and check it out !

Aunty Pol

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