Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Not My Mothers Chicken, Thank You Jeebus !

I love Food and Wine magazine. I read it on line ( at work..shhhhhhhh) and ran across this. Boop Mr Linky  to go to the recipe.

Years ago back in the Jurassic Era , my Mother decided to expand her recipe talents and took a run at French cookery . This was back when Julia Child was first on PBS in the afternoon and before  Mom's life completely blurred the edge of the line between the morning and the afternoon aka Jim Beam. In all fairness, the older I have gotten , the more I do understand how it was for her to basically raise 3 children alone in an era when the military culture was all about happy hours and I hope she will forgive me some of the more cruel things a self  involved teenage brat said.


My mother never did anything halfway . For as long as I can remember, she had subscriptions to both Bon Appetite and Gourmet  . She read cookbooks as if they were popular fiction and shopped on the base as wisely as she could. When she would try a new recipe , it was more economical to double it or in some cases triple it , which is fine, I do that with my hot dish , but...try it first Mom. If it's awful, more isn't going to make it better..just more gag worthy...sorry Mom.

Point in case ..Chicken in White Wine and Garlic sauce. do not like French food unless they are actually French .

This is the first recipe that I have run across that I would be actually willing to try. I did buy chicken thighs by mistake...I was in a rush and thought I had bought breasts for chicken salad.

And it has less cream and seems lighter than the dreaded original....and CAPERS.

And SU wonders why I WON'T eat Lasagna.

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