Monday, February 04, 2013

Going Out On A Limb Here

SU and I are not football fans. Hell, I watch more footyball than he does and other than the random WSU game I can catch on the obscure cable  channel, I only watch the Army Navy game and Gaia help anyone that interrupts me.

That being said, I taped the Puppy Bowl which aired while I was at the nail shop and had planned to go through the recorded stuff that we still have on the DVR during Stoopy Bowl. We'd gotten home earlier than usual from the nail appt. because like everyone else the gals at the shop either had folks coming over or husbands at home waiting for thew wives to get home and get the food started. Trust me, its the way it works. Miss Jere Lee came over and had an odd request ...even for her . A week ago or so , she had gone to her gal to get her color redone , but unfortunaely Kim did not have the purple/aubergine/eggplant color that they had happily been using so my poor partner in crime was a tad twitterpated. You see, she comes from Louisiana and by Gawd, it's Mardi Gras and that is some serious shit in their lives. Costumes and so forth are planned from year to year , and it's quite central to the Cajun Catholic life. Well, there I am on the deck, kindle and beverage in hand when she comes over and asks for help putting a temp color on her hair..well , why the hell not. My first roommate when I was single in Virginia , back in the Jurassic era had been a hairdresser so I was pretty comfortable. I fetched towels , Cetaphil , heavy duty plastic gloves , combs, clips ( yeah ...I do have all that shite at hand..if I don't have it , you don 't need it  ) and off we went. I felt like an older, non corn row braided Alicia Silverstone in " Beauty Shop.." told SU " Welcome To Bubba's Bait Shop and Beauty Emporium " all came out the way she wanted and it's a temp color thingy so I had no fears..


We had a couple three Netflix that we hadn't seen so I thought perfect. Lets watch " The Avengers". I am as you might have guesses, a huge comic book fan and love Marvel. There is a reason my facebook avatar is the Scarlet Witch.

Talk about a disappointment.


The first half of the movies pace dragged.
Thor..get the F over yourself.
The dude playing Loki phoned it in.
Casting folks...two words...Alan me .

I will watch it again, because I am curious, but it just makes Iron Man 3 look better and better.

I have a recipe I found for General Tso's that I am waiting for permission to repost so hopefully..yeah..yummy.

Have a great week.

Aunty Pol

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