Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Le Sigh..And So It Begins

This is the tale of two lovely pair of shoes .
The pair on the bottom, the super cute stylish shoe is the style and design that I have worn to work every day for 25 + years . I have also worn her closed toe sisters but have had to give closed toes up because of certain issues that were the aftermath of a pedicure aka assault resulting in ingrown large toe nail problems on both feet.....Bear with me here.

The top pair is what I have just ordered because I have to .

I live for cute shoes.
Just ask SU or Sistah or the neighbor gals.

When you are born with polio, you don't fall into one strata. There are differing levels in the condition and in my own case , amongst other things , I was born without a " Heel cord" , in other words with a club foot .  After many operations and years of physical therapy , I was told that I most likely would never wear high heels and would never dance. Sadly , I never have been able to dance...HUGE surprise , yeah I know not only embraced , I worshiped at the altar of platform, strappy, high heel in your face shoes with a vengeance. I also told the military therapists exactly what and where they could insert their opinions and was kind enough to offer directions and helpful hints.

It has become apparent to me that there are some issues with my left ankle and or knee. This morning I wore one of my favorite pair of pretty pretty princess shoes....a Giani Bini leopard print wedge with black leather trim....tres cute !

And my left ankle began to pronate . It was bad enough that I began to panic, wondering if I would be able to make it to my office where I keep a pair of back up shoes.

Heart pounding , hand shaking  panic.

Over the last few weeks , I have discussed with Miss Cindy and Miss Jere Lee my desire and or need to really clean out my closets so that I can donate to the local womens shelter through out constables office...the location of the shelter is a closely held secret as it should be. I had mentioned that I have some shoes and boots that along with some purses I was going to set aside.

I will keep some of the heels and occasionally wear them, some are seldom worn and almost new. I can wear them on the weekends and so on ..but for the most part...

Being a grown up sucks..but not trusting my own mobility is something that I would ever compromise...the cost is too high and I have worked too hard to defy the demons who have always told me ..You Can't."

I guess it's time to pimp out the nail polish !

Still Rocking a heel.


Aunty Pol

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