Monday, January 14, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday

Bloggy has decided to still be stupid , but I finally figured out that they want to use their supported Picassa web page whatsits for uploading pictures baby steps.

We are all pretty much on the mend , though the hacking wet cough is a pain in the ass and likely responsible for a lack of deep sleep ..le sigh. It's cold so there was gumbo and chili and all sorts of stuff requiring big pots in the sink this weekend...I still need to work on SU's comprehension that I spent the $$ on stainless that can in fact go in the dishwasher...

And we had some thing of a small adventure yesterday.

We have slept on a water bed for the entire duration of our marriage thus far. I have no idea how long the SU has owned the's no big deal. that being said, every few years or as the mattress starts to leak you need to buy a new one, a new liner and a pump and valve connector thingy. I remember the first time I was around when we changed it out. We were living next door to his folks and in the process of moving into an apt as we waited to move into the house we bought from his sister. For a period of time there, no one really bought  new  houses, we just all sorta swapped them around..I kid you not.

Anyhoo , there we were , thinking that this was the optimum time to redo the mattress since we had to drain the damn thing anyway for transit.

EASY PEASY..or not.

We get the hose thing going and after what took for friggan ever , the bladder was at the point that we could mistakenly try to get it off the frame.

MInd you this was 25 years and I ain't gonna say how many pounds ago..there was guess who literally going from trying to catch /hold / manage a semi empty CALIFORNIA KING SIZE water bed mattress to MOI being all but buried under the damn thing.


After SU and I think Fat Boy ( his ex roomate and co worker at the time of all of this..kinda) got me out from under the damn thing....and they wondered why when they got it out into the fromt yard that I was there...fuming ..with a very large kitchen knife hollering  " DIE YOU BITCH...DIE ! " as I go all Stabby McStabbersons on this beached whale of a mattress....I am sure the lil old folks in the neighborhood talked about Terral  and Mary's new daughter in law for quite some

So there we were yesterday, after I got the pawdicure done..driving towards the only water bed store in Houston that we know of. Long gone are the days when Superior water beds was in every mall if not across the street from them.

Imagine a guy, balding , sweater clad looking more like the actor that plays Mozzie on " White Collar"  greeting you in the store..his store and then it hits you .

Dude is channeling Tommy Chong.

I swear I am not making this up.

Even SU was rolling his eyes and he is usually the first one that will egg it on. God , I wish Sistah and double Oh were there, they would have died. ....just died. There they are just yappin and I am trying to just not blurt out WTF..and I do NOT mean Whiskey tango Foxtrot when I decide I need to escape because I'm becoming too entertained....

Me: " Honey,  I'm going outside to burn one.."
Dude :  " Oh that's can do that here in the store ."
Me :  ( Thinking that the world is now about to stop revolving around the sun ) ..." Oh thanks hon, but that's ok..I'm happy to go outside, it's not that bad after all.

Dude: " Ok..that's cool too."

WTF , did he think I was going to fire up a joint ?

Seriously one of the more surreal conversations I and SU have ever had.

I'm surprised the guy wasn't wearing a sweatshirt from Humbolt University.

It was unique to say the least.

Have  a great week.


Aunty Pol

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