Friday, January 25, 2013

OMG...I'm Just Gonna Plotz !

You have to slap the the link and read this article and drool over the photos , they are OMG amazing.

I can actually see Sistah doing stuff like this in her yard in the spring. My sweet pea would look wonderful....

Thank Gaia its Friday, drooling over these pictures alternating with sweet peas Christmas photos is the only and I do mean only thing that has gotten me through day 2 of fussy buckets. I'd tell more than half of these jokers to eff off around here but that would take far too much energy. Betty Crocker and I discussed it all a bit this am and took solace in the fact that if we weren't exactly feeling the love, we weren't alone in it either.
Effing full moon.

Have what ever kind of weekend you deem necessary.

Aunty Pol

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