Thursday, January 24, 2013

Prettys From Etsy.

I am waiting on this to arrive from Tel Aviv and I hope it gets here soon. I have always loved rose gold and things that are both hand made and different.  One of my projects for this spring is to go through my closets and donate gently worn things to the local women's shelter . Jere knows the location ( it's guarded for obvious reasons) so I know that  will help. I need to replace a couple of suits for work  but other than that ..Don't Faint Husband....I haven't found much in the way of new clothing that appeals to me at my age.

And for the record , I will be 58 on April 4'th.

Big Whoop.

I do however like hand made jewelry. Make no mistake , I have some real pieces that I've either inherited or purchased myself..but I like different things for different reasons. Etsy has some wonderful shops that you can sort through depending on how you structure  your search terms. I also loved crocheted metal jewelry and have stockpiled a bunch in my favorites lists.

Check them out.

The next post will be of two more pieces that I am considering.

Have a great day.

Aunty Pol

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