Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Rain, More Rain And Carrying Kleenix Like My Grandma.

Le sigh.
Blogspot still is wonky about inserting pictures which is fine, but when there are days that all I have is a funny from I Can Has and nothing prose worthy..this could be a problem. I'll make you a deal though...when you are out and about on the interwebs, if you see a picture that is adorables or an epic sarcasm bomb...just think.." Indeed, if Aunty could , she would have in fact posted that very picture." we can all pretend that this blog still has all the bright and shineys. Or you could go back and look at old pictures , I've been known to do that so feel free.

SU is home sick still with the flu virus from hell , and bless his heart he gave me the mini version aka head cold. Yee Gods above, it really is harder and harder to bounce back as we age...flu is every where right now and there is some other respiratory virus in action so be careful y'all. And good luck finding Theraflu, the makers pulled it off the market as rumor ( urban ) has it that this was a result of the pure and simple fact that it actually worked. Amazon has it by the way and is quite proud of their pricing structure. You can buy Theraflu or an Ipad for about the same, depending on your individual needs at the moment. And I am having Grandma Engwall moments as I pack fresh Kleenex in my sleeves every where I go..yeah me. We have Kleenex aka noseys all over hells half acre at home, Slammin Sammy's is great for purchasing the Jethro Beaudine size palate and doesn't every one back up the fork life to their vehicle trunk in the parking lot ? Or is it just us ? And of course , even though SU finally has his dentures relined ( EPIC MOMENT IN THE CASA Y'ALL)  , he laid in all sorts of lactose dairy products for hisself while he waited for the Return Of The Chompers ( In theaters everywhere summer 2013) ..and of course I can't have any. Actually I can , but the price is too high and my body is not reacting to Immodium as it once did...I wonder why ?

And then there is the rain.

Evidently , it was predicted as bad enough to hit national news ..slow news day I guess . We are still in a drought situation and  since the ground is both flat and hard packed, it does not take a lot to flood. They are predicting that this warmer weather and or drought is something that we will see for the next few years so we might as well all brace for higher costs for oh lets say...EVERY DAMN THING !
It is what it is .

And it's time for the annual cluster F known as annual reviews.


Take it from an expert, if your still wet behind the ears reviewer ask you pithy questions such as :

1. What achievement are you proudest of accomplishing this last year may use Aunty Pols answer ONLY in your head ( Answer: The exact body count has never been clearly established since no exact location was ever defined.)

This question is a 24K clue that the noob has come from a corporate backround and therefore is absolutely qualified for a long career in the legal field.

2. What are your  goals for the coming year ? Again feel free to use Aunty Pols answer silently in your head ( No new arrest warrants were issued in that year ) .

Real life app..walk  in , stay silent, nod and flee asap.

Aunty Pol

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