Wednesday, January 02, 2013

You Know You're An Adult When........

When you are a kid, the idea of a food basket as a gift is a real groaner. If it's not cash or chocolate , it's a real loser...oh come on..admit it .
Food for Christmas ?


And then we all grow up .

I was off from the 21'st of December until today and while it was all nice and so on, there was really very little cooking going on. Christmas day was spent with Southside and we three had a very nice meal considering that there is not a hell of a lot that he can eat right now, so I didn't do a lot of planning. Of course a massive sinus flare up ( vertigo, the whole combo platter as it were ) didn't help . Thankfully my SIL sent home a plate so I didn't stave to death..but still there wasn't a lot of cooking . SU had been working horrid hours through the end of the year so I couldn't really plan on anything and the idea  of going out to a meal was right up there with hitting the mall. Yes, the anniversary dinner was superb but my usual meals were..not so much.

And then.....

SU had gone over to the El Grande Liquor Emporium to get scooby snacks for the actual anniversary and some Champers...bless his heart , he knows I LOVE surprise said no one ever.

And as the vacay progressed, we discovered all of these lovely bits and bobs that we had been given, a lovely mini cheese board from the cajuns....yummy assorted cheese wedges....more caviar ( thanks again sweetie ) Carrs crackers, some sort of salami  and VOILA .

Yummy scooby snacks that were just enough to make a light meal out of without having to fire the oven up.


I fully plan in the future on having buts and bobs like that around..

How hard can it be ?

Aunty Pol

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