Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

TGIF Y'all.
I'm telling ya , this has just been one of those bohica ( bend over , here it comes for the assorted novice reader ) weeks. For the life of me , I simply cannot figure out why.

If you are tired of the inaugural coverage, turn off the tv/radio/pc source and walk away....grab a book and go read, take a walk, clean out your fridge, take a shower and shave your legs as needed ...but get the eff over it. Done deal Lucille. And I could give a rodents rear end ( see sistah, I am trying to clean up my act..if sweet pea is " talking " more, then it is implied that she is also listening....HINT ! ) .

A lot of things that go wrong or that we don't like are often a simple mistake. There is no such thing as making the same mistake twice, the first time is a mistake, the second time is a choice..period. The entire office has been fussy buckets all damn ( oops :)  ) week and I've sort of absorbed the bad mo jo. Reviews are over...if you are still here guess what still have a job at the firm ,....SHAZAAM !

Tonight I am going to sit on the deck with my crack ( KINDLE>>>KINDLE ! ) and ignore the bad karma. tomorrow , Southside Johnny and SU are going to the car show. Do I want to go ? Awwww , shucks fellas, that's awfully sweet of you to think of me wanting to join you yahoos drooling over the cars and the chicks on display basically dry humping a fender to get the crowds attention..sorry ..gonna take a pass on that one. I am sure that there is laundry etc that will need my attention and I most likely will have to move the sprinklers around because filling up the new water bed mattress wasn't enough to send the next months bill into o sh*tsville.

If nothing else, there are weeds to pull and the weather will be decent and the nails are redone on Sunday...I sense a plan in the making ....mwahahaha.

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol

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