Thursday, December 18, 2014


Thus far..........

As things go I am about as close to done as I can get for the holiday. There are just a few last minute things as always but that's okay too.  Work is the usual insanity, less for me than for the spousal unit so it's a typical December.

I've cut myself some slack this year and not gone overboard baking/thinking about new recipes  and so forth..much to my relief . No time . 

I think I will want to do some of it starting in steps.

Funny thing, I don't mind January, Sistah on the other hand just hates it. I do understand why . Out where they are the weather in January is just flat out nasty with snow and  ice. Down here gets nasty with rain and crap around Mardi Gras and Rodeo.

It's not that I have that idiotic need for New Year's resolutions. Hey if they work for you..great ..but I've always personally felt they are just a path to self defeat. I like January because it is basically quiet . Once Rodeo and Mardi Gras start, our schedules seem insane with one thing or another so I think of  January as a chance to recharge my mind/self and catch my breathe.

Now....if those higher ups at work would just get their shite together......I am so weary of sending out their Christmas gifts to clients...I could be a branch of Specs ( the local liquor locker bidness in these parts ) at this point .

Le Sigh.

Feliz Navidad Y'all.

Aunty Pol , the Grumpy Elf.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Just Because I Want To Does Not Mean That I Can

The Fantasy

The Reality.

Enjoy !

Aunty Pol

My Reality

A Whole Year Has Gone By..

The original posts were on December 10'th and 13'th of last year.  I think Mr. Linky is broken .

I can't believe its been a whole year.

Mama and Daddy miss you baby very much.

We miss all of you .

Group hugs and headbutts.

The Mama.

Throwback Thursday

 I recently  posted on Miss Janet's blog "  Dying For Chocolate" about a tiny book that she had written about. My late mother had the same cookbook so we all chuckled about small worlds and so forth.

Today she posted about the companion book regarding candies and the above fudge recipe amongst others.

My mom used to make the above fudge and I have even though it's been a long time. I did mention  to Miss Janet that yes...I am one of those folks who would add raisins to the fudge.

Think of it as Raisinettes on steroids.

Hang in there, the weekend is almost upon us.

Aunty Pol

Monday, December 08, 2014


Yes, I am an avid follower of Angie Bailey and " Texts From Mittens",

And by avid, I mean that I have the "Notorious MIT " coffee mug and both the holiday ornament on the tree already even, I have purchased two more as gifts.

And then it occurred to me ...

I don't have to worry about adding one more book to the den bonfire in the making. Yes, yes, I have natterd on about the need to go through all of that crap  oops...literary gems and manifesto's but it's like cleaning out my's something that I have to be amped up for and I ain't . My theory is that it's actually easier to change purses than clean that sumbitch sayeth Our Lady Of Owning More Than One Dooney And Burke  ( damn you QVC easy pay) ...let us pray...

Screw that..that's why I have a  kindle.

It's why I have the LOL cat Bible amongst other oddities.

Sometimes I want to read the Dali Lama..yes...I actually have his books. Sometimes it's Anne Rice or Clive Cussler...and sometimes when it's a really sucky day..I need a laugh.

Mittens never fails to deliver.

Google " Texts From Mittens" and see why.

Hee Hee....Furrison data plan.


Aunty Pol

Guilty As Charged Ossifer ...But Not Completely !

Just being honest y'all.

Aunty Pol

Small World

I think I know where these are.

I always read Janet Rudolphs blog " Dying for Chocolate " because chocolate and mysteries...winner winner chicken dinner.

I almost died when I saw this illustration.

I didn't think anyone other than my late mother had these little books, first published in 1954. I always associated them with Mom and Grandma  Engwall because the design is very Swedish in style and just the sort of thing that filled the parsonage in Winthrop, aka all the red , yellow and blue crap you could ever hope to have. I'm not trying to be mean at all. My mother was 100% Swedish , and I grew up with all of it as far as the eye can see.  In all honesty I have a few pieces in the house like the standard wooden plate " No matter where I serve my guest, it seems they like my kitchen best."

Uf Da..I know .

Don't look at me like that , Grandma had one too in her kitchen.

What a vivid memory of my mother .





Aunty Pol

Just Another Manic Monday

Well yeppers, it's a Monday all right .

The office network, specifically Outlook has been kaput all day so I of course have been doing what everyone else has been doing, playing on facebook and pinning on Pinterest.

You have to do something to stay awake after all.

Not a lot going on at home save Gracie's last vet visit. Oh she's okay  for the most part, it was the well kitty.rabies booster sort of thing but the poor child has a uti  and some "elimination " issues. She is 15 + after all and gets " stove up " as my folks sued to say so there is a supplement that we can give her to help her human variation so we can get it called in to Walgreen's. We are not going to give it to her every day because we don't want to create the situation that we had with Xena..too MUCH fluid in her system and not always making it. After a few years dealing with all the triplets issues, we have become very blase about the whole box thing. Yes , it's easier with only one cat and wood floors but I miss the little beggars..the mantle looks off with one stocking.

The tree is up, the kid has no interest in it, I think that she thinks that she is above all that being a senior cat and all. Christmas parties for our jobs have come and gone, I declined both, he went to his and had a good time...I am more of the " It's 8:30 and I need my jammies " variety at this point in my life.

Only a few more last minute things to buy and I is done in one !

Ooops....yeah.. the Christmas cards..yeah ..never mind.

Have a great week.

Ciao,Aunty Pol