Monday, December 08, 2014

Just Another Manic Monday

Well yeppers, it's a Monday all right .

The office network, specifically Outlook has been kaput all day so I of course have been doing what everyone else has been doing, playing on facebook and pinning on Pinterest.

You have to do something to stay awake after all.

Not a lot going on at home save Gracie's last vet visit. Oh she's okay  for the most part, it was the well kitty.rabies booster sort of thing but the poor child has a uti  and some "elimination " issues. She is 15 + after all and gets " stove up " as my folks sued to say so there is a supplement that we can give her to help her human variation so we can get it called in to Walgreen's. We are not going to give it to her every day because we don't want to create the situation that we had with Xena..too MUCH fluid in her system and not always making it. After a few years dealing with all the triplets issues, we have become very blase about the whole box thing. Yes , it's easier with only one cat and wood floors but I miss the little beggars..the mantle looks off with one stocking.

The tree is up, the kid has no interest in it, I think that she thinks that she is above all that being a senior cat and all. Christmas parties for our jobs have come and gone, I declined both, he went to his and had a good time...I am more of the " It's 8:30 and I need my jammies " variety at this point in my life.

Only a few more last minute things to buy and I is done in one !

Ooops....yeah.. the Christmas cards..yeah ..never mind.

Have a great week.

Ciao,Aunty Pol