Monday, December 08, 2014


Yes, I am an avid follower of Angie Bailey and " Texts From Mittens",

And by avid, I mean that I have the "Notorious MIT " coffee mug and both the holiday ornament on the tree already even, I have purchased two more as gifts.

And then it occurred to me ...

I don't have to worry about adding one more book to the den bonfire in the making. Yes, yes, I have natterd on about the need to go through all of that crap  oops...literary gems and manifesto's but it's like cleaning out my's something that I have to be amped up for and I ain't . My theory is that it's actually easier to change purses than clean that sumbitch sayeth Our Lady Of Owning More Than One Dooney And Burke  ( damn you QVC easy pay) ...let us pray...

Screw that..that's why I have a  kindle.

It's why I have the LOL cat Bible amongst other oddities.

Sometimes I want to read the Dali Lama..yes...I actually have his books. Sometimes it's Anne Rice or Clive Cussler...and sometimes when it's a really sucky day..I need a laugh.

Mittens never fails to deliver.

Google " Texts From Mittens" and see why.

Hee Hee....Furrison data plan.


Aunty Pol