Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I Am Soooooo Excited.

I am so unbelieveably stoked , excited and twitching.

Back in 1983 or 1984 , I went to the Texas Ren Fes for the first time . I had been to others and for a very long time was an active member of the SCA. I encountered Real and Muffy just on the inside of the perimeter on the left and fell in love.

I had seen a couple of the pocket dragons at Ashley Avery and picked them up but had no idea that I would soon be meeting the creator .


I'm a groupie.

A Real Musgrave dragon loving figurine collecting groupie.

I have never been a collector of anything really save unset cut gemstones ( that's another story ) so I actually bounced up and down on the chair in the den when SU found this notification. I suspect that since he has purchased tickets on line for this before that he is on their mailing list....score !!

Real and his wife live here  in Texas and he had to quit his craft a few years ago because of arthritus , I of course was broken hearted . And to top that off, the dragons have become harder and harder to find. The smaller pieces are sometimes available on Amazon or with a few smaller gift shops but for the most part what is out there I already have.

We have a few of the larger pieces that were the combo anniversary/Christmas gifts and they stayed in the house during the renovation last year.

One of my most prized Christmas / Anniversary  gifts from my husband  , is a large signed poster from either 1985 or 1989 that I held onto for ages just stashed away . . He had professionally matted and framed. It hangs in the long hall at the end just outside of the master bedroom. I have never really wanted to hang anything other than some of Reals artwork on the wall and so the walls save the one mentioned above are bare.

Not for long.

I have a friend who also has a few pieces and have offered to get her a signed poster that I will send off...we are small but mighty in our dedication to all things pocket dragony.

To see my obsession google Real Musgrave or Pocket Dragons.

Have a great week.

Aunty Pol

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

For The Love Of God....Why ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I should not be but I am .

I am continuously surprised at the bullsh*t I see some people pull at work, regardless of their placement in the overall food chain, especially with the implied expectation that no one notices their shenanigans and malarkey.

You rarely see egos like those of attorneys.

It ain't pretty.

A whole section is being reshuffled because one slack jawed knuckle dragging primate in training has decided that he " NO LONGER WANTS TO PASS BY OR LOOK AT THE FACE OF HIS FORMER LEGAL ASSISTANT."


I no longer want to shave my legs but because I am a civilized person I do so as a courtesy to the lovely folks who do my pedi's every other week. No...for the record, I do not shave above my knee where the foldy bit of the leg actually is ..if we are in that region....there had better damn well be dinner and many drinks involved bucko...just sayin.

But still...manners are manners.

This hatted one has everyone in an uproar. Most of us are amazed that this is being allowed to happen but he does bring in the Benjamin's so squeaky wheel wins again.

Does he really think he's won ?

Yes, the legal assistant could have been a bit better at managing her time attending to his work, I tried to warn her that the junior member of her assignment slipped a lot into toddler behavior quite easily and she needed to placate him a bit...but no....

In the end it did no good because the hatted one got his way and she frankly is lucky to have a job here..trust me..I've seen separations for less cause.

Life lesson...learn to observe behavior more and pay attention .

In order to be able to validly say " Not my first rodeo." , you have to survive it in tact.

Gonna be a long ass week.

Aunty Pol

I'm Still Alive..Mostly That Is .

It's been hotter than the 9'th level of Hell lately so unfortunately I have had no energy to post.

Come to think of it, most of this  year has been like that due to one reason or another. Hells Bells, I surprised myself that I actually skipped posting a ditty about Bastille Day, tho to be fair I crashed as soon as we got home..nausea not my friend.

Anyhoo ,  not a hell of a lot is going on right now at the Casa which is fine I guess.  Every night when I get home and change I water all of the potted plants on the deck then pray for rain...and pray some more. I can't complain ( like that ever stopped me , bitch please , have you met me ? ) since we have had a lot of blessed rain and while it has helped the drought , we are by no means out of the woods.

At least we are not as bad as Cali...HEH.." We can't run out state as  it is so lets subdivide..so much more efficient." . Yeppers..laughing directly and out loud at that one. Instead of one idiot fi'g up the whole magilla..lets grab 5 more and make a six pack of idiots to run this thing.

Let me know how that goes for ya ..m'kay ?

I always need more material to abuse and poke my big stick at.

And hisself has been working a lot so in his free time he has been running with his buddies and or playing goof so I can't complain..I do anyway but not as much or as often..DUDE....I do try ok ?

Gracie Marie ( YES DEAR ..I AM GOING TO CALL HER A GIRL...LIVE WITH IT..SHE AND I ARE FINE WITH IT ) has decided it's too hot for her so most days she is on the water bed, belly side up ,l fur floofing under the ceiling fan...smart girl. We still have our Mommy and me time on the deck but it's usually about 7:30 pm when it is not quite OMG out there.

I've got a couple of things rattling around in the little gray cells so stay tuned.

Have a great week.

Aunty Pol

Monday, July 07, 2014

If It's Monday It's John Barrowman Time !

Happy Post I hope y'all survived the 4'th .

I was surprised this year that we had as many fireworks in the subdivision as we did . A few years ago when we were under a drought/no fire/no burn ban , I didn't think a lot about it . I assumed that folks had the common sense not to and with the exception of the Pyro that lives directly behind me on a cul de sac , every one paid attention. After that there has been an increasing amount of the boom booms until this year.

This year sounded like the DMZ the whole weekend.

Gracie Marie was not a happy kitty.

Nor was her Mama .

I know it's fun and all dudes and we have had a lot of rain but some of us want to actually get some sleep at some point before the coming dawn....without passing out in order to do so .

Sheesh !

SU was off campus for almost the entire weekend so I was able to get a lot done and Gracie only moderately fussed about her incarceration so that was all good but as usual my to do list is way longer than the actual amount of available time so as always I over do...and pay the price.

Oye my back !

At least this weekend I got a day nap on Saturday and we did cook off a decent size brisket so meals are in the clear..

It's clouding up again and they say that we are going to have showers every afternoon which is fine by me..less to water but I seem to be the exception to  the issue. A lot of folks that I work with are really getting po'd about the rain .

They are also the types to get po'd about what ever is the opposite of common sense.

This is the time of year that we really watch with hurricanes. We actively watch the water temp in the Gulf .

We really need the rain about now.

Because of the drought the last couple of years the price of beef , chicken and to a smaller part lamb has gone through the roof.

Produce...forget finding a decent price even at the local markets.

I like sitting on the deck with the kindle listening to the rain on the metal cover.

All I have to do is figure out the new Kindle HD I had to buy Thursday.


Anyone who knows me knows I cannot function without a book of some kind.

And the battery on the old one went kaput.

I did however buy a users guide this time because this new HD is way more complicated that my old one which was only 3 years old ?

First generation Fire.

Anyhoo, the  forums under managing your device (s) is not very helpful. I think they lack a moderator because there is the usual battery  of Trolls there...and I don't have time, the need or interest in engaging that ilk.

I basically want a reader but the screen for the paperwhite is just too small.

I may or may not use the other function, I didn't on the first one so we'll see .

New adventures with electronics........................HUZZAH !

Have a great week.

Aunty Pol

Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

It's been an interesting week , not in a bad way , and not in a weird way ..just odd.

Bordering peculiar .

It's rained since last weekend and we need it , badly . Especially considering that the Fourth of July is a week away and I recall a couple of years ago when we had the drought and the fire ban  . I have enjoyed not having to water except for the shade plants that are up against the house on the deck but on the other hand  Gracie Marie aka Grayson McFuzzypants aka the Kid is really not happy about no real Mommy and me time on the deck. She .. ( damn it..I am going to continue to refer to her in that gender I don't care what anyone says , I am the mama..) hates to get her paws wet but happily drank from a puddle on the deck itself from cushions I failed to see were on the drip line of the patio cover.  And she is not at all happy about me having to hold her so her Daddy can gently cut off some of her lumpy bumpies ( matted hair masses on her bib from medicine splashing her when we had to burrito her 2x daily ) but she didn't really squirm and it was pretty funny to see that she was basically hanging with her head upside down .

And he has to work tomorrow most likely and then zip by his fathers...and Southside says that he is going to come over Sunday and of course he will because he just has to show off what he purchased legally in Colorado....meh . He did of course get pulled over on the Texas side for going over the speed limit by 6 miles but given his age ( +50 ) , he was able to get away with a warning about the speeding.


But he's a grown man.

And I am still finding recipes to try out...if I can figure out the timey-wimey thing, because there is never enough.

Damn you  ,. sleeping  like a normal person, I am just too fond of you !

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol

Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Happy happy joy joy.........it's finally Friday !

Huzzah !

Let the masses run amok.

Or not.

Even though it is technically the last day of Spring, it's 90 + degrees down here and a front is moving through. Grass pollen is up ..yeah ...and I have a blinding headache.

On a Friday for Chrissake.

Usually on any given Friday , I go home and do one of two things. I either sit on the deck and read or I sit and watch tv...or as I call it Brain Candy.

Mindless entertainment.

How mindless ?

Try " Say Yes To The Dress ."


Well hell it beats any real housewife of any given city and I know that we have a lot on DVR but those are the shows that we actually follow and I want to be able to actually pay attention to them.

But not tonight.

And as luck would have it , Scott and Mindy are coming up for dinner tomorrow so I really want to get beyond the pick axe that is taking apart my brain right now. We haven't seen them in ages for a variety of reasons ( work, school, sports, life, schedule, vacation...) so I am super happy to get to hang with them for a bit.

I can do what ever needs to be done house wise tomorrow while he does the prep and thankfully they are more family than friends after 28 + years so they really are fine which ever way we roll.


Either the lawn gets mowed or I'm buying a small goat.

One of the REALLY cute ones.

Have a  wonderful Solstice and weekend.

Aunty Pol

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

As you may all recall, a number of years ago we discovered that Little Orphan Annie was actually an Andy and thus became Andy Panda Pants.
The folks at Banfield are idiots, pure and simple.
For years we thought this was a fluke, a funny family story , along the lines of " If you ask Aunty Pol and SU what the sex of any of their cats is, assume the opposite of their answer to be true."
The same damn situation occurred with Gracie Marie.
Now remember at first for whatever reason , my husband thought Gracie Marie was a girl...I haven't a clue why. When she first came up to the patio, I said " Come here little girl " ..I have no idea why but she trotted up. Mind you it was fall and getting colder, she probably would have run up just the same if I said " Come here dipshit."
We tool her to Banfield for a check up and presented her as a girl..which NO ONE challenged. In hindsight , it makes me wonder if they looked at her at all.
Fast forward to last month when she was at Dr.Tom's. Now , I really didn't think to much of it at the time because Dr. Simon has a very heavy accent..lovely but pronounced . And I was calling on my cell phone which kept dropping the call...actually we realized it was his cell...hah !
Anyhoo, he kept saying he and I kept saying she and so on.
It wasn't until Southside Johnny showed me what little could be seen since the cat is a long hair...
Yep !
Now it's not like I pick up the business end of a cat and go " Let Mama see."
Um..hell no.
So now we have the name issue.
I had to fight to get her a middle name..this is the south after all.
Gracie Marie
Grayson Matthew .
Grayson Mathias .
Grayson McFuzzypants ( I am actually leaning towards this...it makes me smile.)
Gray .
Baby Dude .
Dude .
The Dudester .
Dingbat..now that my transgendered cat will answer to .
Her/His attitude ?
Call me whatever, just don't call me late to dinner.
Here we  go again.
Happy Friday Eve.
Aunty Pol

Monday, June 16, 2014

If It's Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time ~ !

I'd forgotten about this .

I was going through some old posts and saw this title. Why did I stop ?

Beats me.

It always perked my Mondays to cobble together something and post a picture of Capt. Jack Harkness.

I chose this one because he is rarely photographed with his glasses on.

It was a busy wekend and a sad one. The sad part is not really my story to share per say....so I will only say that another lovely gal lost her fight with cancer . Much as I hate them , I will be going to this family funeral, it's just a matter of respect after all.

On the busy front..geeze Louise.

He had to work which is fine and I got some stuff done before the paws and claws bit . I should have done more laundry that I had, thankfully SU had done some when he  took the day off to go to the Doctors..thank you dear, it did help.

While he was spending the day with his father, I sorta lost my mind. I can't seem to do things in a simple manner , it's always balls to the wall or so it seems.

I made a double batch of hotdish for the weeks lunches , did my scrambled eggs for my b'fast tacos from home, also fried the bacon for said taco's , 3 loads of laundry washed, dried and put away , cupcakes for Cindy's birthday , de-cluttered the main living area ( sort of ) ..ran dishwasher 2 x's , hoovered, watered plants on the decj...dinner....yeah ..

Started at about noon because ..I am not a morning person...

Anyhoo....we masy get more rain so I guess I'd better grab the stereo off the deck bookcase..just in case .

Which means it won't rain...lol.

Aunty Pol