Monday, March 02, 2015

Just Another Manic Monday

March already ?

Sheesh !

I need to check this out because I just saw it in passing ..but is it this upcoming weekend that we " Spring ahead ?" Didn't we just to something like that ? Of course no two clocks in the casa say the same time so I live by "ish" time.." It's 10 - ish ". .......close enough gang , close enough.

As is our norm, it was another rainy misty crappy weekend so I caught up on sleep and binged on an all day Dr. Who marathon on the beeb . He and I are relapsing with these damn colds , I think his never really cleared up and he needs to go back to the doc , but I'm just the wife...and my sinuses are fubared unless it needs to be done, forget it. Yes, I kept the nail appt that I bailed on last week because I can't go over 3 weeks....but other than that....nada.

No one is going to  die if I don't vacuum when I feel this run down . Yes, the kitchen will be kept up - ish but other than that , pfft .

I can't get into the garden yet which is something of a blessing because I lose my mind with the pruning and don't have the umph yet. I need new gloves and there is a lot of clean up that has to be done not to mention Mr. Trejo mulching before I can floof all of the pots on the deck. True spring is hard to come by down here so I try to enjoy it as much as allergies allow.

Gracie is hissed off because we won't let her run amok and she has a newer trick.

She now stands in the middle of the hallway or any given room and yells ( meows ) at the top of her lungs for however roll over and go back to sleep....Mama for the win...

 Have a good week.

Aunty Pol

Friday, February 27, 2015

Yippee Ki Yeah ...Whatevs's Rodeo time again in H Town.

And it's Lent .

So you can bet that you are going to be hard pressed to get any fish/seafood in the next few weeks in under an hour and a half for  any Friday lunchtime..hope your bosses are lenient.

And it's go Texan day at the office which means that people who are clueless as to the bidness end of a steer are in jeans and boots....and as far as the Buckle Bunnies are concerned...

" Shiney".

I'm always amused at the people who feel a need to get all gussied up in what is for lack of a better term..costumes for things like this. Don't look at me like that , yes, people go bat shit crazy for Mardi Gras but that is for a couple of nights at best.

Rodeo is a month long down here.

What is not as widely discussed is the Livestock Show and that's a big deal Maynard. HLSR ( Houston Livestock Show  and Rodeo ) generates a huge amount of scholarship money for kids that show their animals. Many are able to go to college or help their families because of it and if you have ever known anyone in 4H or worked a farm, you know that means a lot of work.

I do love to get glimpses of the calf baby cows are hurt y'all..but I am no longer willing to put up with the crowds...and I do mean crowds.

Gone are the days when we could go to shows at the Judds ( yes..that long ago ) or Jimmy. Basically it was a concert venue and not the park 5 miles back , get on shuttle buses mayhem..not for the weak of heart or those with mobility issues.

It's all good..more a case of been there, done that I guess....and besides.....we still have go Texan Day at the office.............


Now , if they only had some Shiner to go with it.

Stay warm .

Aunty Pol

Sadly, The Final Frontier .

I was deeply saddened but not surprised to hear of the passing of Mr. Nimoy . Yes, I use the proper title of Mister and not the familiar first name out of both respect and the simple fact that I have never had the pleasure of meeting the gentleman in real would be forward to do otherwise .

He was a gifted and yet at times conflicted actor it seemed to me.Like many others, Adam West comes to mind , he found himself trapped in the character he was so famous for. He was at times bitter about the lack of opportunities he missed because of Spock and yet he finally seemed to be at peace with it all.

One thing that I always was amazed by was his gift as a photographer . While it is true that he was a gifted director, pure photography is a whole other world. The photographer can either convey his emotions  and visions through subjects or he cannot. There is no real middle ground. And he did convey just that .

If you asked someone my age to pick icons of our generation, you might get Captain Kangaroo or Mr. Rogers, George Carlin or John Lennon..

Ask any scifi geek..and we have one simple answer..

Mr. Spock.

Gods Speed Good Sir .

A Loving Fan.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Colder Than A Well Diggers What ?

When I moved down here to the Gulf Coast eons ( 33 years ) ago from the Pacific Northwest , I quickly got rid of all of my winter togs.

Gulf Coast = Warm, sunny days so I thought .

Reality = Humidity and hurricanes which is fine since I had been through much the same in Virginia Beach as a teenager . When you are young, you don't notice the humidity except for the extra oil slick that is the absolute bane of any teenagers life...or so it seemed. You don't worry about staying hydrated because you are just too damn busy being a teenager and pissing off your folks ..or was that just me ? We ignored sunburn all too often and thought..we have forever to enjoy all of this.

And now it's February down here in South  Tejas.

And colder than a well diggers ho-hah..and by that I mean that it was snowing in Huntsville north of Houston, snowing north of Ft. Worth, DFW shut down and I am sure that it snowed in the Panhandle.

IE it was 34 degrees at 8:21 p.m. last night here in  town..and Gordy and I live 25 minutes north of town aka where this shit gets colder.

Now , we are used  to the hurricane season, we can predict it and pretty much track it. We know what to do, how to prepare and survive it. And..if you think survive is a bit of an exaggeration , google photos of Hurricane Katrina and Ike...I can wait...

I will take a hurricane any damn day of the week over this cold.

We don't as a rule have a lot of snow plows and frankly 99% of the folks down here can't drive in rain much less icy roads .

First and for most , it's just killing my left hip and leg..yeah..the combo platter...polio and arthritis.

Secondly, no one really has the wardrobe for this unless they snow ski. You can't find winter sweaters that work in the corporate world even with a  business casual dress code ( whatever the hell that is ) that work least I can't . Yes, I can afford cashmere but I can't wear it..wool makes me nuts.

Layers are great, but meh.

I feel like I an wearing the same pants, sweater and jacket w/Shawl thrown over it every day !

I am tired of this crap. My body is embracing hibernation and I am bored  with it.

I want color, I want to plant geraniums,.....I WANT MY SANDALS BACK !

Wah !

Thus endeth todays rant.

Stay warm where ever you are .

Aunty Pol

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Here We Go Again.........

Once again the sick bug has stricken the  casa.

About a month ...yes...MONTH ago hisself started that nagging cough, sore throat crap and we thought oh well, this too shall pass.

Or not .

It never was the super fever sort of thing, more like when my sinuses flare up or it's allergy season, aka 360 days a year down here. Unlike Moi, he hasn't been as congested as I am apt to be but the cough is an all nighter.

I consider myself lucky to have a husband who is more prone to actually going to the doctor in comparison to yours truly.  I spent the better  part of my youth in various hospitals here and overseas for polio treatment so understandably, ...Dr's...." F dat  " .

Both he and  I are beginning to suspect pleurisy , again. We hadn't been married for more than a few years when he was stricken  with pleurisy. And I am not being overly dramatic with the use  of the word stricken.

He was sick off and on from October through the end of March that year.

Mardi Gras in 10 days is looking shaky .

Now it's the monitoring of the meds...he has certain issues that I am on the alert for .

I think that I am going to cheat and take a Tylenol PM after NCIS tonight so that I  can get a head start of what ever sleep I can grab.

Stay warm y''s a bitch out there .

Aunty Pol

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wait.....Whut ? ...Face Palm'n .

Sometimes I have to go WTF to myself on myself...seriously folks.

For example , on one of the blogs that I read everyday was a post about other things that one could make using a crockpot.

She had me at crockpot.

Now, I don't use mine as often as I would like to since there are only 2 bipeds in the house , nevertheless I like people who have the ability to color outside the lines of life and get away with it .

" Making a cake in a crockpot " .

KEWL  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bonus points = picture of a chocolate cake.

Easy peasy .

Wait.................whut ?

Even if I don't take the eggs out to warm to room temp..which almost never happens..if you are reading a recipe that uses a box cake mix and  so on...................

Why in the world would you use a crockpot to make the cake  ?

The recipe states "bake " 3 - 4 hours on high or 6 - 8 hours on low.

And the conventional oven takes 20 - 25 minutes depending on the size/format you choose .

Mixing the cake - 5 minutes . Baking time 20-25 in a conventional oven.

Total 30 minutes.

3 - 4 /6-8 hours versus 30 minutes ?

REALLY ?????????????????????????????????????????

Yep...face to palm in .....3............2...........1 .

And the dynamite goes boom.


Aunty Pol

Friday, January 23, 2015

This Is What Today Has Been Like .

I am the first person that will say that I have a habit of over thinking things, especially at work. Most of the time it is beneficial  aka job retention.

Other times , " Meh ."

Case in point .

The annual Shareholders meeting is this weekend at a local Swankenda hotel. The gal who helps to ensure that the hootenanny goes smoothly was not in today as he had jury duty but she and I discussed what needed to be done to get items delivered to her home at some point today.

Fine .

I have it all lined out and then I find out that there is an additional laptop that has to go along for the ride.

Also fine.

It's locally 4:30 p.m. and I am still waiting on the laptop as a certain someone up the food chain decided to make revisions to the power point presentation .


You knew that this was coming up. You've had plenty of time to hammer it out.

I can't send what I aint got and I felt really bad telling gal pal that this situation was f'd a completely professional way of course.

Not my monkeys....not my circus.

TGIF y'all.

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


It's been so gloomy weather wise that I thought this gif would be cheery. Besides, who am I to pass up a Janis quote ? She was a hell of a lot smarter than people gave her credit for, bad life choices aside.

I felt bad for the hubs last week . He had some time on the books at the end of the year and he could take a certain portion he did.....and spent the entire week at home sick as hell. Congestion, cough achiness the whole package. So there he was with his soup while I was at work I said , I felt bad..up to a point.....and then I got run down...brilliant move on my part.

Now , in my defense , I really do love the old fart, but....the coughing all night kept me up even with him being across the hall in his room.

Ok....this is how this works at Casa de Swamp..we have separate bedrooms and have for quite a long time.


There , I actually own it.

I am a light sleeper .

I can hear Gracie with out her bell and collar.

He sleeps like the dead .

In order for me to get any sleep at all, he is in the guest room...commonly known as his room. This has nothing to do with the state of our marriage thank you very much, it is simply a need to get some sleep. We both work 10 hour days and I am not a napper per se. If I can manage a nap on any given Sunday , I am overjoyed, If I go to bed too early, I wake up at 3 a.m.

Unless like tonight and most of the week I suspect, I will be crashing sinuses are in overdrive. Between the furnace because it's been cold and me being unable to sleep in an overly warm house, I am pretty much screwed . I felt bad enough Saturday to  postpone my nail/facial appointment to this coming Saturday and slept until 2:30 Saturday afternoon, re-chrashing at about 6:30.

I am not one prone to making New Year's resolutions. I ,  for myself believe that they are an exercise in self defeat. It's almost impossible for most people and by this I mean me to be consistent in drastic changes. Hella yeah , we /I mean well but after a week..two tops...I just shrug and go " F dat" . Not really the brightest thing to do but I am honest about it.

I am more at the point at the approaching age of 60 ( egad) of actively listening to what my body is saying without arguing about it with myself.

Yeah, me and the little voices in my head are a fun bunch.

Don't  be all judge-y  the above border line bad taste comment above. I was married to a paranoid schizophrenic and survived yeah, I am allowed some sick humor now and then .

I'm just run down enough to realize my pillow and my water bed are calling my name.

The weather was 77 degrees today finally with some sun and then it's gonna drop down to the 40's again for a few days..which means Gracie will be po'd about no Mommy and me time on the deck and I will fight the crud.


Aunty Pol .