Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Lil Orphan Annie ~ Pt. 4

Just got a call from SU. Evdently he's worked it out with his new bosses so that we can take the minx to the vet to spend oodles of money. LOL....I really didn't want that deck anyway. I think I will be releaved when this is all done and over with, I know the poor baby wants to be inside , and we have introduced new sibs into the mix before. Loki will want to play...Boshi will hide, Munchkin and Xena will be pissed. Good thing I have my own carpet cleaner . Yes...there will mayhem a plenty . She still prefers to drink from a puddle, but takes her kibble from the bowl. We will have to set up a temp box ( throw down alum pan will do nicely and shredded newspaper..wheee) . She will be fine, her Daddy will be relieved and I will be $$$ poorer. If SU thinks that he's gonna skate on the repayment plan.....bad choice there my dear . REALLY bad.
Yes dear, I know you read the blog......


Its raining again. It's gonna rain all week. I doubt SU will be able to play golf this Sunday. He will of course go out to the course anyway. Lucky boy is a ossifer in this League of Ordinary Sand Baggin Dawgs . Oh he'll bitch and kvetch and moan about all of the crap and the arguements , but truth be told ..he likes the drama . He knows it....I know I just tune his ass out. Even if they can't play...there will be a tournament on t.v. somewhere on planet Earth and he and the Moron will sit and watch and drink beer and eat really crappy concession food. This is the way that they are, I know it, all the wives know it and it's not gonna change . I shouldn't complain, after all my Brudder is in Arrakis, and my SIL has to do it all herself. But ..there are times......! Oddly enough, SU is not bemoaning the fact that he won't be able to go to the Redneck Riviera this coming August. He knows that is just not in the cards, but he's grateful to have the job so it works out. SU was tickled last week at work. Every month they have a birthday cake for employees . He was one of the ones for May, and being to Noob they made him sit in the middle of it all. SU was amazed that the big boss signed his birthday card, and is beginning to feel like he is fitting in.


Did some on line research about where the cutest baby on the planet resides. Sounds like a super nice place and it a lot bigger than I originally thought . Yes dear..they have golf out there....I checked. Funny thing tho, the city's web site had no real data about weather . Odd that.

We here are very attuned to the weather , and it's gonna be hard this year. The local rag has been running stories about the aftermath of Katrina and Rita . Season starts tomorrow, Chrome Depot is already selling what-nots and widgits. The fear has not really gone away . It's hard to explain unless you were here . A lot of people think that this is over blown , and to a degree it is .
At the same time, people who usually are pretty even minded about it all are saying we are due. Due to he hit that is. Happy Happy Joy Joy . The Gulf is unusually warm for this time of year , and so we may get hit sooner than the ususal August to September.

And then there is the City of Dallas . Evidently, according to their mayor, they aren't about to take in any evacuees . Okay I understand that they do not have the same sort of facilities that we do. So they say. Do they think that we just opened a box of evac chow and added water ? Oh Hell No. We did what we thought was necessary . We gathered food, worked the Food banks....helped out.....took strangers in . We did it because this is what we do. It could have been and will be us . We know this . The south has a bad reputation . Some deserved , some not. We are not ignorant rednecks. We are not inbred, banjo strummin yahoo's . It is true that there are people that are just dumber than a sack of rocks....but guess what ? They are everywhere, not just south of the Mason Dixon line. I haven't spent a lot of time in San Antonio...and have no use for Dallas. But..I have yet to have any guest of mine come to this city and not be suprised at the genuinely nice people here.....beautiful parks....vibrant downtown and amazing food. I have spent half my life here now, and lived for a bit in Virginia . As the saying goes..." I wasn't born in Texas...but I got here as soon as I could." I can't wait to see the cutest child on the planet , but the thing that amazes me about this town ? It's the first place in my life that ever felt like home. So..of we get smacked this season....Meh....we'll rebuild . Always have, always will.

And Dallas can go to hell.

Have a great day..really...go ahead.


Aunty Pol

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lil Orphan Annie ~ Pt. 3

Well, it rained all damn day yesterday , started in the early morning, thunder boomers and the whole bit. As we say down here , " It's raining sideways ." I woke up about 6: 30 to the sound of thunder so loud , I almost thought the house had been hit. No, I am not kidding. All four of the furr folk were under the covers, SU was on the computer. I asked him to go check on Annie , because I know for a fact that she is scared to death of storms. The day her daddy brought her home was also rainy and she high tailed it to the hibiscus bed next to the arbor. Off he goes to check on her, she was on my chair , so he goes and gets one of his big golf umbrella's to set up as a canopy of sorts for her. Don't question it, this is his way .

Annie is gone.

He looked every where. All over our yard. The old Bat's yard. The NG's yard. Across the streets....down the block..under pouring rain.




Neither of us had realized before this point how very attached we'd become to the little minx.

I got dressed and went out too, calling her name like an insane person. I had an appointment in town so we had to leave at noon, but I swear , I looked out the window every ten minutes to see if she was on the patio.

Off we went, hoping and praying that when we got home , she'd be there . Facing the fact that she might be really gone...forever. Knowing she will be an indoor kitteh if she comes home .

Here she comes through the arbor...lah de dah .... SU freaked and grabs her and loved on her and fussed at her ...." You didn't even leave a note.."

SU : " Honey, I have good news and bad news. "

Moi : " Tell me the good news. "

SU : " Good news......Annie came home."

Moi : " Huzzah...and the bad news ?"

SU : " She's ours now..she knows it."

Sheesh .....

Have a great week.....really go ahead


Aunty Pol

Sunday, May 28, 2006


There are times when you learn things about a person you thought you so completely knew that you are stunned beyond words. SU decided to clean out a part of his closet to organize work clothes. Ordinarily this is not prose worthy...and yet. On the floor of his closet was a large manilla envelope, which upon further inspection , revealed some things belonging to my late mother. One of those items was her high school year book from 1947, the year she graduated from Winthrop High School. I don't recall seeing this before....ever.

Curiosity got the better of me so I started to thumb through it.

Then I had to sit down. I never knew that my mother was the feature editor of the yearbook. Bear in mind that Winthrop was and still is a very tiny town in Minnesota . her class was very small, so there must have logically been a lot of competition for a few choice spots. The school, grades K - 12 are all in one building . This was true in 1947 and still true in 1968 when I also attended the school . I never realized that my mother had the same passion for writing that I do.
She also graduated with honors, lettered in band and choir and was a member of the schools glee club all through her high school years. I always knew that she at one time had possessed a beautiful voice, it stood to reason since her father was one of the local Lutheran Ministers . But I never knew that she was considered to have been actually gifted in music according to the comments from her teachers which are written by them in the yearbook.

I also never knew just how popular she was. Entry after entry from her classmates, male and female attest to this. Her beauty, humor and sense of fun come up again and again in these comments. Remember also, this is just after the war. These kids were not flighty or silly, they were sincere and genuine in their friendships . These bright and shining faces meant every word that they wrote, that comes out loud and clear with each of their words. Many of them, my mother included were excited to go off to Gustavus Adolphus or G.A as they called it. I also learned from one comment from one of her closest gal pals that MY MOTHER Hitchhiked to New Ulm and back. That stunned me. It seems so completely foreign to me to think of her doing that on a lark. For the fun of it. Fun ? My Mother ?????????????????????????

I read and re-read each and every comment and have such a completely different concept of her at that age. I matched names and pictures to comments, and I looked at her face over and over again. She really was quite beautiful . Young and eager, she looked like she could have taken on the world.

This makes her life tragic to me when I think about it. Why did she feel the need to hide her intellect ? Was this what a mid century female had to do to be accepted ? She certainly never, ever encouraged me in any form of academia ....ever. Was this her way of somehow trying to protect me from a dissapointing life ? She never graduated from G.A , and I don't think she ever got over that. She had two brothers very close in age and considering my grandfathers paltry salary, even with scholarships...something had to give . We all know who that was. She never begrudged this to her brothers, whom she loved so completely . But it was unfair to her. I am outraged at the life that was wasted. She always hid her talents, it wasn't proper to exceed. She was the wife of a Naval Officer and a mother. I guess this is the only thing in life she felt she could excell at. And when she couldn't sustain the illlusion she drank until the pain and the reality were a blur . I really understand that now.

Deep in my heart and soul I will mourn the loss of a person I really would have liked to have known . I would have liked her...a hell of a lot. I have a silver name bracelet with seven or eight names on it. I can now identify all those girls who were so close and chose to honor their friendships by having these bracelets made. These girls are real to me now and not an abstract anymore.

Goodnite Betts .

There is one person here that now knows how bright and pretty and popular you were . I am proud to be your daughter and I love you.

Take a moment this weekend to stop and understand what Memorial Day really's worth the time .


Aunty Pol .

Friday, May 26, 2006

Lil Orphan Annie ~ Pt. 2

Well gang....It looks like Annie will be going to the vet sooner rather than later. One of the HG's caught her in their yard yesterday looking at the parrots in the outdoor bird's room. No..she couldn't have gotten in due to the wooden lattice that covers the walls..but she almost got cornered by Gumbo and Quinten, 2 of the 4 Shi Tzu's that the NG's have. If they had cornered her, they might have killed her and I can't say anything about that . It's instinct and their yard. NG returned her home and I hope she was sufficently scared by the dogs to think twice.

But...dear Gawd..the vet bill ! If you add up the exam, shots, flea dip, neutering, declawing and medical waste fee ( used syringes)'s close to $600.00 . Yup.....I added it up . SU went to Petsmart yesterday on the way home , ( Moi was home with a Migraine ~ SIL >>I know where of you speak ) and got the run down. SU was going to dsave up the funds to cover the fees...but neither of us realized the higher costs. The trips were done I guess about 6 years ago and they weren't that much . So Mommy will schedule her and then take a day or 2 off while she recooperates and I begin the " Why can't we all get along ?"

Yeah...I've gotten to spend a bit of time with the minx, and she is a cutie . I just don't like to be forced into anything, a tribal trait ~ LOL . She's gonna be a sofa surfer tho which will make her Daddy happy since losing Jakey J . Munchkin and the trips are not the type to lie down and watch t.v. with their Daddy. They will walk across the top of the sofa but that's about it.

Damn.....I hate taking money out of savings....but I'd hate to lose her and then deal with what that might or might not do to our relationship with the NG's . They are the kind of neighbors you want to hang on to friendship ~ wise.

Oh well.......

All y'all have a safe and wonderful Holiday weekend.


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Oye....I have officially lost it !

What am I thinking ...................???????? As many of you know I have been involved with an on line group of role playing gamers or rpg'rs for about 4 years now. The game that we play and write about is Dune by the late Frank Herbert . I have played as a major house, House Moritani for just about the whole game. The same group has played together, knows each others real life names and so forth. We are a tight group . The game has gone through various versions and we tinker with it but it is pretty much the same. Till now.

Lonestarfedaykin, the GM or game master has just asked me if I would be willing to step away from House Moritani and run the Bene Gesserit aspect of the game. Yup..ol Pol here is gonna lose her mind, but it will be fun. I am like the third aspect of the game..not a game manager, but anyone who's read Dune will understand how important the BG's were. The other players are gonna freak out because I have been so loyal to Moritani thru all the incantations that Lone suggested I legally change my name to Moritani..LOL.

But....the writing was getting stale for Moirtani..I had no direction to take my characters that was new. And...all of the other players knew how I would play as Moritani. It became that all changes.

And I can promise you ..if you have seen the mini series...those assinine hats that the BG's wore are gone.

What a hoot...

Can't wait..

Have what ever kind of day you want to ...really...go ahead


Aunty Pol aka Reverend Mother Boudicca of the Bene Gesserit Order

Dibs and Dabs

Well , it appears that life at Casa de Swamp is getting back to what passes for normal.....LMAO .
SU blathered all the way home about the potential of grilling something or doing beer butt chiggin or some such. I as is my custom tune this out so it went like " Blah blah blah..chiggin...blah blah blah ....brisket....potatoe salad ...blah blah blah...shortcake....blah blah blab blah............. " Whatevs dude . As usual, SU completely overthinks the plan . Part of the problem is that one of the NG's has only had one day off in the last month due to work , so she's sorely missed by all. The other NG is most likely going to go home to see her folks. Her father's health is bites. Anyhoo, if she doesn't do that I suspect that she and El Jeffe may be busy with the limo bidness as there is at least one graduation I know of this weekend. And then there is the simple fact that SU overthinks almost everything....over plans...over does. Example : We go to New Orleans for 5 days. Woooo Hoooooo ! Favorite city to play in . Now, contrary to the usual, Aunty Pol knows hows many days skivvies to pack etc. etc. It takes me about 10 minutes to pack ...period. Hisself on the other hand is packed a bloody week in advance. I kid you not here . Used to drive me bat sh*t..and still does. I will admit however that his organizational skills came in very handy when we had to fly out when Daddy died. And yes...I did tell SU thanks for taking care and knowing which black suit I would wear and shoes and such. But............................he does tend to over plan. He always asks what we are doing on the coming weekend....amd unless it is the nails/golf one..I plan nada . Usually my plans are either the usual laundry and such..or ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ . With the work schedule we have, a lot of times by the weekend I am just beat . But he's gotta ask. It took me a while to realize that he knows I plan the off chance that the Moron calls re golf....there is a very good chance that I will tell SU to get the hell out of the casa and go chase the lil white one.
And Aunty Pol is on to their plans.......mwahahahaha . Still....after the last 5 weeks he's had...yeah ..whazt the hell...go play....

Friday, May 19, 2006

Happy Happy Happy Me

There are some things that don't change in memories . I find this to be more and more true the older I get .

You are my age if you can identify the following character names and what show they came from :

Jason Bolt
Aaron Stemple
Candy Pruitt
Biddie Cloom
Big Swede
Capt. " Fish Face " Clancy
Miss Lottie
Joshua Bolt
Miss Essie
Jeremy Bolt

Got ya stumped don't I ?


All right, I can hear you all shaking your heads...WTF is Pol blathering on about now ?

Courtesy of , ( aka why the hell didn't I buy stock in them , damn you Jeff Bezos) Aunty Pol is the proud owner of the complete first season of " Here Comes The Brides."

Whoooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooo

I can't tell you how much I loved the show and the massive, huge, sincere teenage crush I had on Robert ( Jason Bolt) Brown . All the other girls had crushes on Bobby Sherman ( ! ) or David Soul . Of course this was back when David Soul was cute and not some washed up booze hound actor who likes to hit women .

Obviously the show is based on " Seven Brides For Seven Brothers " and while Bobby Sherman is no Howard Keel ( Yum) , it was pleasent and romantic and the scenery was beautiful. It wasn't until years later whenI actually lived and ultimately escaped Washington State that I realized how far the illusion and the reality were apart from each other. My experience was and will remain a tad more " Twin Peaks " than Bridal Veil Mountain .

All my girlfriends were more like Candace ( Candy ) Pruitt than I was . In particular, one who had the highschool nickname of LeStrade ( and you know who you are ) had boyfriends from git go. Me....LOL . I always felt that I was more like Susan Tolsky's character of Biddie Cloom. Thick glasses, awkward gait and voice , yup...that's Aunt Pol at the age of 13. I did have a boyfriend or 2 , but these guys were more like the guys that knew they would never make the cut with the Candy Pruitt's of the second stringers usually gravitated towards each other in some form of blind recognition of that being our part in the teenage food chain. Thus did Aunty Pol grasp that the male of the species is just as insecure as the female ....and it's all of the process of growing up.

In the end, the irony of the show is that while everybody who watched the show wondered if that week was the week that Candy and Jeremy would become engaged and then married.....Miss Biddie Cloom beat them to the alter . Of course, if memory serves, the groom was either some sort of inept con man or the hapless victim of one.

And they say art imitates life.......HAH ! Oh wait, that would explain Husband number one to a degree.



Tomorrow is SU 's birfday...whoo hoo. He is pretty cool about things like that and only gets wiggins when it is the decade ones...don't ask me why.....I haven't been able to understand that issue at all and no longer try. I am going to buy him the new Patricia Cornwall book, and I'm even going so far as to buy it at the local bricks and mortar so he can actually read it first . Ain't I just the nicest wifey-poo ?? He is going to play golf on Sunday so I am going to pay for the greens fees for this one . You get to a point after so many years that you run out of ideas or money or both , so you ultimately end up asking the spouse . " What the hell do you want this year ? " We buy things throughout the year for each other, and although I did cheat on our last anniversary and got him a gift, this plan has worked out .

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lil Orphan Annie ~ Pt 1

Well, she's all set up on the patio, made herself right at home like it was meant to be. She is a very sweet girl and Aunty Pol's icy old heart is thawed a bit . Her Daddy loves her already and is all " We gotta do this that and the other " over her , but this is his way . Annie is fascinated by the bird feeder and all of the dinner guests, tho thankfully the primary feeder is rather tall and on a shepards crook . One bonus is that she may in fact keep the tree rats at bay so I can put up the sling shot. I'd gotten pretty good lobbing acorns at their furry ass's ...LOL. The indoor tribe is somewhat aware that she is there, but they are used to neighbor cats being on their patio. Before the current NG's moved in on the corner, previous owners had 2 cats that thought our yard was theirs , which was fine. There was no fence at the time so it was in a way. I'd set out water and such for the visitors especially in our rather hot summers, yeah ..Aunty Pol is a pushover too.

I can tell that she is used to being someones baby, and she is very calm considering her hopefully it will work out .

However, SU has been told in no uncertain terms and in plain english that it he does this again....he will be the one needing the new home !

Have what ever kind of day you want to..really...go ahead .


Aunty Pol

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sand Bagged Again


We didn't go for Thai food last night, the Crazy Cajun's wife decided for Carrabbas which is fine since they have the yummiest steamed mussels in a wine and garlic sauce which Aunty Pol just loves......wheeee . Fun dinner with good friends, talked a lot about the tragic car fatality of their son's best friend. I think it helped them both to be able to talk and share feelings over it all. SU and I spent most of the day cleaning the Seitch which needed it badly on the off chance that we'd all troop back here for coffee's .

After a bit SU and I went out to the ice house and had a last glass of wine , one of the NG's and the other neighbor came over..yes ...the crazy old bat who lives next door. Whom I am about to kill. Seriously . She walks every morning around the sub-division and discovered an abandoned cat. I said no ! NO NO NO ~~~NO ! She seemed okay with that response...stupid of me to think that. She's just gotten a new puppy...a baby Lassie..the CUTEST thing on the planet by the way , named Maddie . We call it a night and Stupid me thinks the kitten issue is closed..

Think again Pol .

Think again.

SU gets up early to wash Pearl the wonder car and the crazy old bat tells him of said kitten situation. SU has not met a kitten he does not like by the way . Off he plods on a mission. The next thing I know as I stumble towards the coffee pot is that SU is out on the patio talking to someone . No..he's talking to this damn'd kitten . She's about 4 - 5 months old, a marmalade with I promise you orange gold eyes..cute in a freaky way. We did not discuss this at all . He just took it upon himself. I said fine..she's an out door cat. Whatevs. And he proceeds to work on me. sir. I told him that if he was determined to do this , he'd have to pay for a full physical at the vet, a flea dip, shots and neutering. And declawing. Himself....not Me . I figured that would stop him short as he realized that he wasn't going to get my atm card . He sets out water and kibble, and goes off to see his Mom for Mothers Day. I do peek out now and then to check out the lil orphan . Then it starts to rain just before he gets home..big huge thunder boomers and the whole bit. Well...I did feel bad so we located her in one of the flower beds behind/under the hibiscus and we toweled her down. SU got one of the cat carriers and I put a towel in it for Lil Orphan Annie...I am not mean, but we have 4 indoor cats already and I am not sure I want to add another one into the mix just yet. That requires one of us to be home for a cpl days to supervise the mayhem , and he's in a new guess who it would fall upon......yup. Moi.

I suspect fairly soon I will have a new indoor cat.

Lil Orphan Annie .

She has a name and I am doomed....doomed I say .

I'm still po'd at the old bat . As NG said " If she was so bloody concerned, why didn't she take it in ?"

No need when there is a couple of suckers next door.


Have a great week.

Aunty Pol

Friday, May 12, 2006

Wonders Never Cease Pt 1

Just when I have SU figured out, even after almost 18 years of marriage ..he suprises me. The Crazy Cajun and his wife want to get together for dinner tomorrow night for a belated birthday for me and an early one for SU . Meh...nothing new there...sort of a Flintstones and Rubble thingy . We 've been wanting to get together but life has had a way lately of ..yeah I know , BFD.

Anyhoo...SU then asks how I feel about Tai food........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bear in mind that SU is a 'Nam vet. Now, it's not the culture or anything like that ...Memories and one's senses can be very much tied together. SU and I pride ourselves on not taking anyones race or gender into any sort of consideration one way or the other. We tend to see most people in one of two're either an idiot or you are not. That's pretty much it. And it usually works out . He's always said that if I want to eat Chinese or Japanese food to go right ahead.....just go with out him. So needless to say you could have knocked me over when he asked about Tai food. This will be interesting...Wanna bet SU turns green before the night is over ????...Yeah ..I am that evil .

On a brighter note , my NIL sent new pictures of the prettiest baby in the known Universe. Her Nana is going to go out to visit so I need to get the arse in gear and send a throw down camera Nana's way so I can get some real old fashioned photos to frame and hang in the Rogues gallery at the Casa. I am trying not to be jealous of my SIL , after all it is HER Grand Child...and so far I have been successful , but until we get the finances back in order....sigh. I can't bring this up to SU either , since he will tail spin into a huge vat of the guilts..which is crap by the way ...but I know him . Plus...the kids havent been at their jobs very long..less than a year so their vacation options are limited....and therefore...the kids need to have the time to spend with my SIL . Not me...I will be happy to get photo's .

The summer may not be officially here but you can't tell by the weather. It's HOT....I've been known to greet out of town guests with the phrase " Welcome to Singapore " , since the hunidity is pretty much the same according to my late father . After last year I guess we are all a bit apprehensive about the season. Hurricane season . We just call it the season . From June 1 to November 30'th, every year..if you live down here long enough you automatically follow the season. We'd all gotten a bit complaicent about it , I'm the first one to admit it. H town is usually spared, the storms go east and hit NOLA or they go west and hit Brownsville or Corpus . But not last me here gang...unless you live here have no idea how bad it was. The water in the Gulf is already too warm for this time of year, and we all just have this tiny feeling . I just hope that the evac plan is better than last year. A lot of the family and out of town friends didn't understand why SU and I didn't pack up the furr folk and leave. The answer was simple . Gasoline...the lines that you saw on the TV's of the stalled cars and people on foot were not exagerated. IF anything it was understated as opposed to the reality. Every area has some form of severe weather . I've lived through bas snow storms and frozen pipes. My late father experienced earth quakes in the City . At least we can track ours.....we'll see how this year goes. As long as I remember to buy a freaking manual can opener......LOL.

Have a great weekend...really..go deserve it.


Aunty Pol

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Theater Of The Absurd

An article in todays USA Today states " 19 % Believe That Satan Is Behind The Success Of The Da Vinci Code " .

Let's all take a moment and let that sink in.

Allrighty then, according to the article, the newspaper conducted a recent telephone poll of 1,013 U.S adults conduced May 5 to May 7 , 2006 and 19% see or feel that Satan is trying to attempt to destroy peoples religious faith when sales soar for books, movies and studies that raise doubts about Jesus or the Bible.

Um.....WTF ?

Granted, I live in the Bible Belt . And SU's family are devoutly Southern Baptist . But, they at least are able to recognize a work of fiction. Ohhh...there is that word again....


My personal beliefs are my own . That's why I call them personal . I would no more dream of raming my belief or lack there of system down someones gullet than I would walk down Fannin Street buck nekkid. And for the record, both the SU and I have read the book in question. Did we enjoy the betcha . Did it change any of our core opinions ? Yeah , right . After I stop laughing I will continue.......

It's FICTION people. The theories have been around for a very long time. Google the Priory of Scion, Knights Templar, Opus Dei or any other theme expounded in the book and prepare to be inundated with sites. me here. Dan Brown took a controversial topic and wrote a successful work of FICTION . It is both well written and entertaining FICTION. Is he the spawn of Satan for writing it ? Nope . Is he to be criticized for having a commercial success ? Nope . Authors do that...they write in hopes of being a commercial success. I guess they like to occasionally buy groceries too .

If anything, Mr. Brown should be commended , in my humble opinion , for creating something that made people THINK . Yes, the sheepuls had to think . Exersize the little grey cells as Hercule Poirot used to say.

And this is bad because why ...????

Sadly most people are not encouraged to think for themselves. We see this every damn day. A lot of organized religions , ( and I am not saying all of them by the way ) do not want their followers to think in any independent way at all. Thought leads to discussions ( scary ) and discussions can lead to debates ( more scary) .

The whole arguement about this book is about the most ass backwards thing I have seen lately with the exception of almost all of Dubyah's actions while in office....but that's another rant.

Personally, if my belief system was shaken or changed by reading a work of FICTION then it must not have been very solid in the first place.

YA think ???

Have whatever kind of day you want to a book....any book....


Aunty Pol

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I'm gonna drop kick the Queen of Sheba from here to Hoboken

Apologies to the Chairman of the Board if I spelled his birthplace wrong but I swear to Gawd Almighty, I am gonna kick the Queen of Sheba's ass to there and back.


If your attorney has clients coming in and his are of the type that come in early ...and by this I mean 30 to 45 minutes early....routinely.....and you are going to go into a meeting....tell the bloody front desk. I mean it that hard to do ? Evidently it is for you precious , because I had to beat the shrubbery to locate your sorry ass to let you know.

Now I realize that you are the hardest working gal up here and just overwhelmed with work...but..ya done pissed ol Pol here off. I even went so far as to call Admin to see if you had checked out for the day yes diddums....they know I was on the hunt .

The above could also be classified as sarcasm , and I would explain that concept to you but you are about as dumb as a sack of rocks and frankly not worth the time .

Oh and when you get your roots re-touched...well good luck with that ..sincerely...good luck with that..

Rant over.....have what ever kind of day you want to have ...really.


Aunty Pol

Monday, May 08, 2006


Something happened today that almost never happens in a right to work state. SU got a notification from the Texas Workforce Comm. that they would in fact be paying him the unemployment benefits what he was allowed to receive under the law. We weren't looking to ride the gravy train. SU wasn't and isn't the sort of man to sit on his arse. Nor is he the sort to take benefits that he would not be entitled to under the law since he is now employed. But he was entitled to the unemployment benefit while he was looking for a new job.

This simple one sheet of paper tells him and myself that a third party sided with him. The state of Texas sided with him. In black and white, he is vindicated that he was improperly terminated. He told a woman at the TWC that at his age with no discernible job skills that it made no sense for him to quit...without any prospects. He never maligned his former boss, used proper english and told the truth.

Unless you live in a right to work state you have no idea how rare this is. You can be fired for almost any reason in this state . Proving the action was wrong is difficult. But SU did .

I may frame that piece of paper . It's hard to coonvey what this means to SU.

I know what it means to me.

Take care, have what ever kind of day you want to .....really....


Aunty Pol

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Better This Week..LOL

Well gang...SU got hired on full time at the Orthotics thing. We can all breathe a bit better. We were unsure for a few days which is pure agony let me tell ya . SU had applied for a job at the Kroger Warehouse and had gone through all the blah blah blah in the process. While he was at Dynamic working he got a call back from Kroger to come in and take an ergonomics test..whatever the hell that he laid out the situation to his immediate boss to be and bascially asked for a descision. He will have a 90 day probationary period, did the drug test and will have to go through a backround check ...which is in no way a problem that he can see..thank jeebus.......and 13.50 an hr to boot...................yowza. I did some quick number crunching and it's only 170.00 less per payroll period...but and this is a biggun.....the new job is only 6 miles from mine , instead of the 20 miles each way to the old one. We should be okay since the gas will be so much less .

The best part is that SU is the kind of guy you might classify as a jack of all trades...master of none. He can fix almost anything and build stuff and loves to do that sort of from what I gather he is the Maint. lil McGiver ...hee hee.

He never was happy working in an office..not his cup of tea. I suspect that he felt somewhat trapped in a dilbert cubicle and toughed it out. He now is one busy mofo and comes home looking like a ditch digger at times..but man about happy happy joy joy.

At my office every other Friday after hrs..we have Hawaiian shirt day and a loosely organized happy hr in the firms kitchen. Of course, they all get to start an hr before I do but I send in SU as my designated drinker and all is well. LOL...we all kick into the beer pool and every one brings snackies so it is fun. Open to all the staff and the attorneys...and man..last night was war stories night. We have worked with some of the most insane ppl over the years on the planet and as one of the oldest tenutred serfs there..I get to tell all the noobs about the glory days. Bear in mind that we decided that those days are for the most part over as we are all middle ages..but it was still fun. Discovered that SU in his Navy days served on the sister ship that one of the atty's served on at the same time. Cookie man and SU had tons of fun telling war stories over many brewskies . I laughed my ass off at most of them , sisnce I knew that SU's were : a. all true and b . often the same stories that he'd regale the late father with...ZZZZZZZZZ. Snerk.....ZZZZZZZZZZ

I discovered that the cutest child on the planet has her own blog so Aunty Pol can post there too so I hope to get some real pix of the Bug.

Now, if a certain someone would get our RPG started again...the world would be el perfecto. Sigh, Aunty Pol is not known for her patience as SIL would attest to but I am working on it...LMAO.

All y'all take care and have what ever kind of day you want to....really.....go ahead .


Aunty Pol