Friday, May 19, 2006

Happy Happy Happy Me

There are some things that don't change in memories . I find this to be more and more true the older I get .

You are my age if you can identify the following character names and what show they came from :

Jason Bolt
Aaron Stemple
Candy Pruitt
Biddie Cloom
Big Swede
Capt. " Fish Face " Clancy
Miss Lottie
Joshua Bolt
Miss Essie
Jeremy Bolt

Got ya stumped don't I ?


All right, I can hear you all shaking your heads...WTF is Pol blathering on about now ?

Courtesy of , ( aka why the hell didn't I buy stock in them , damn you Jeff Bezos) Aunty Pol is the proud owner of the complete first season of " Here Comes The Brides."

Whoooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooo

I can't tell you how much I loved the show and the massive, huge, sincere teenage crush I had on Robert ( Jason Bolt) Brown . All the other girls had crushes on Bobby Sherman ( ! ) or David Soul . Of course this was back when David Soul was cute and not some washed up booze hound actor who likes to hit women .

Obviously the show is based on " Seven Brides For Seven Brothers " and while Bobby Sherman is no Howard Keel ( Yum) , it was pleasent and romantic and the scenery was beautiful. It wasn't until years later whenI actually lived and ultimately escaped Washington State that I realized how far the illusion and the reality were apart from each other. My experience was and will remain a tad more " Twin Peaks " than Bridal Veil Mountain .

All my girlfriends were more like Candace ( Candy ) Pruitt than I was . In particular, one who had the highschool nickname of LeStrade ( and you know who you are ) had boyfriends from git go. Me....LOL . I always felt that I was more like Susan Tolsky's character of Biddie Cloom. Thick glasses, awkward gait and voice , yup...that's Aunt Pol at the age of 13. I did have a boyfriend or 2 , but these guys were more like the guys that knew they would never make the cut with the Candy Pruitt's of the second stringers usually gravitated towards each other in some form of blind recognition of that being our part in the teenage food chain. Thus did Aunty Pol grasp that the male of the species is just as insecure as the female ....and it's all of the process of growing up.

In the end, the irony of the show is that while everybody who watched the show wondered if that week was the week that Candy and Jeremy would become engaged and then married.....Miss Biddie Cloom beat them to the alter . Of course, if memory serves, the groom was either some sort of inept con man or the hapless victim of one.

And they say art imitates life.......HAH ! Oh wait, that would explain Husband number one to a degree.



Tomorrow is SU 's birfday...whoo hoo. He is pretty cool about things like that and only gets wiggins when it is the decade ones...don't ask me why.....I haven't been able to understand that issue at all and no longer try. I am going to buy him the new Patricia Cornwall book, and I'm even going so far as to buy it at the local bricks and mortar so he can actually read it first . Ain't I just the nicest wifey-poo ?? He is going to play golf on Sunday so I am going to pay for the greens fees for this one . You get to a point after so many years that you run out of ideas or money or both , so you ultimately end up asking the spouse . " What the hell do you want this year ? " We buy things throughout the year for each other, and although I did cheat on our last anniversary and got him a gift, this plan has worked out .

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liberal army wife said...

Happy Birthday BIL!!! your very sensible wife is giving you some lovely presents, so have a good time on the links.

Sorry, SIL, never saw the show... overseas at that time....

this weekend will be busy, so give him a hug from all of us.