Monday, May 08, 2006


Something happened today that almost never happens in a right to work state. SU got a notification from the Texas Workforce Comm. that they would in fact be paying him the unemployment benefits what he was allowed to receive under the law. We weren't looking to ride the gravy train. SU wasn't and isn't the sort of man to sit on his arse. Nor is he the sort to take benefits that he would not be entitled to under the law since he is now employed. But he was entitled to the unemployment benefit while he was looking for a new job.

This simple one sheet of paper tells him and myself that a third party sided with him. The state of Texas sided with him. In black and white, he is vindicated that he was improperly terminated. He told a woman at the TWC that at his age with no discernible job skills that it made no sense for him to quit...without any prospects. He never maligned his former boss, used proper english and told the truth.

Unless you live in a right to work state you have no idea how rare this is. You can be fired for almost any reason in this state . Proving the action was wrong is difficult. But SU did .

I may frame that piece of paper . It's hard to coonvey what this means to SU.

I know what it means to me.

Take care, have what ever kind of day you want to .....really....


Aunty Pol

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