Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sand Bagged Again


We didn't go for Thai food last night, the Crazy Cajun's wife decided for Carrabbas which is fine since they have the yummiest steamed mussels in a wine and garlic sauce which Aunty Pol just loves......wheeee . Fun dinner with good friends, talked a lot about the tragic car fatality of their son's best friend. I think it helped them both to be able to talk and share feelings over it all. SU and I spent most of the day cleaning the Seitch which needed it badly on the off chance that we'd all troop back here for coffee's .

After a bit SU and I went out to the ice house and had a last glass of wine , one of the NG's and the other neighbor came over..yes ...the crazy old bat who lives next door. Whom I am about to kill. Seriously . She walks every morning around the sub-division and discovered an abandoned cat. I said no ! NO NO NO ~~~NO ! She seemed okay with that response...stupid of me to think that. She's just gotten a new puppy...a baby Lassie..the CUTEST thing on the planet by the way , named Maddie . We call it a night and Stupid me thinks the kitten issue is closed..

Think again Pol .

Think again.

SU gets up early to wash Pearl the wonder car and the crazy old bat tells him of said kitten situation. SU has not met a kitten he does not like by the way . Off he plods on a mission. The next thing I know as I stumble towards the coffee pot is that SU is out on the patio talking to someone . No..he's talking to this damn'd kitten . She's about 4 - 5 months old, a marmalade with I promise you orange gold eyes..cute in a freaky way. We did not discuss this at all . He just took it upon himself. I said fine..she's an out door cat. Whatevs. And he proceeds to work on me. sir. I told him that if he was determined to do this , he'd have to pay for a full physical at the vet, a flea dip, shots and neutering. And declawing. Himself....not Me . I figured that would stop him short as he realized that he wasn't going to get my atm card . He sets out water and kibble, and goes off to see his Mom for Mothers Day. I do peek out now and then to check out the lil orphan . Then it starts to rain just before he gets home..big huge thunder boomers and the whole bit. Well...I did feel bad so we located her in one of the flower beds behind/under the hibiscus and we toweled her down. SU got one of the cat carriers and I put a towel in it for Lil Orphan Annie...I am not mean, but we have 4 indoor cats already and I am not sure I want to add another one into the mix just yet. That requires one of us to be home for a cpl days to supervise the mayhem , and he's in a new guess who it would fall upon......yup. Moi.

I suspect fairly soon I will have a new indoor cat.

Lil Orphan Annie .

She has a name and I am doomed....doomed I say .

I'm still po'd at the old bat . As NG said " If she was so bloody concerned, why didn't she take it in ?"

No need when there is a couple of suckers next door.


Have a great week.

Aunty Pol

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liberal army wife said...

and there's another suckah in the fambly. Remember, JJ came from the woods... Hee hee.