Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Oye....I have officially lost it !

What am I thinking ...................???????? As many of you know I have been involved with an on line group of role playing gamers or rpg'rs for about 4 years now. The game that we play and write about is Dune by the late Frank Herbert . I have played as a major house, House Moritani for just about the whole game. The same group has played together, knows each others real life names and so forth. We are a tight group . The game has gone through various versions and we tinker with it but it is pretty much the same. Till now.

Lonestarfedaykin, the GM or game master has just asked me if I would be willing to step away from House Moritani and run the Bene Gesserit aspect of the game. Yup..ol Pol here is gonna lose her mind, but it will be fun. I am like the third aspect of the game..not a game manager, but anyone who's read Dune will understand how important the BG's were. The other players are gonna freak out because I have been so loyal to Moritani thru all the incantations that Lone suggested I legally change my name to Moritani..LOL.

But....the writing was getting stale for Moirtani..I had no direction to take my characters that was new. And...all of the other players knew how I would play as Moritani. It became that all changes.

And I can promise you ..if you have seen the mini series...those assinine hats that the BG's wore are gone.

What a hoot...

Can't wait..

Have what ever kind of day you want to ...really...go ahead


Aunty Pol aka Reverend Mother Boudicca of the Bene Gesserit Order

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