Thursday, May 11, 2006

Theater Of The Absurd

An article in todays USA Today states " 19 % Believe That Satan Is Behind The Success Of The Da Vinci Code " .

Let's all take a moment and let that sink in.

Allrighty then, according to the article, the newspaper conducted a recent telephone poll of 1,013 U.S adults conduced May 5 to May 7 , 2006 and 19% see or feel that Satan is trying to attempt to destroy peoples religious faith when sales soar for books, movies and studies that raise doubts about Jesus or the Bible.

Um.....WTF ?

Granted, I live in the Bible Belt . And SU's family are devoutly Southern Baptist . But, they at least are able to recognize a work of fiction. Ohhh...there is that word again....


My personal beliefs are my own . That's why I call them personal . I would no more dream of raming my belief or lack there of system down someones gullet than I would walk down Fannin Street buck nekkid. And for the record, both the SU and I have read the book in question. Did we enjoy the betcha . Did it change any of our core opinions ? Yeah , right . After I stop laughing I will continue.......

It's FICTION people. The theories have been around for a very long time. Google the Priory of Scion, Knights Templar, Opus Dei or any other theme expounded in the book and prepare to be inundated with sites. me here. Dan Brown took a controversial topic and wrote a successful work of FICTION . It is both well written and entertaining FICTION. Is he the spawn of Satan for writing it ? Nope . Is he to be criticized for having a commercial success ? Nope . Authors do that...they write in hopes of being a commercial success. I guess they like to occasionally buy groceries too .

If anything, Mr. Brown should be commended , in my humble opinion , for creating something that made people THINK . Yes, the sheepuls had to think . Exersize the little grey cells as Hercule Poirot used to say.

And this is bad because why ...????

Sadly most people are not encouraged to think for themselves. We see this every damn day. A lot of organized religions , ( and I am not saying all of them by the way ) do not want their followers to think in any independent way at all. Thought leads to discussions ( scary ) and discussions can lead to debates ( more scary) .

The whole arguement about this book is about the most ass backwards thing I have seen lately with the exception of almost all of Dubyah's actions while in office....but that's another rant.

Personally, if my belief system was shaken or changed by reading a work of FICTION then it must not have been very solid in the first place.

YA think ???

Have whatever kind of day you want to a book....any book....


Aunty Pol

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