Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Lil Orphan Annie ~ Pt. 4

Just got a call from SU. Evdently he's worked it out with his new bosses so that we can take the minx to the vet to spend oodles of money. LOL....I really didn't want that deck anyway. I think I will be releaved when this is all done and over with, I know the poor baby wants to be inside , and we have introduced new sibs into the mix before. Loki will want to play...Boshi will hide, Munchkin and Xena will be pissed. Good thing I have my own carpet cleaner . Yes...there will mayhem a plenty . She still prefers to drink from a puddle, but takes her kibble from the bowl. We will have to set up a temp box ( throw down alum pan will do nicely and shredded newspaper..wheee) . She will be fine, her Daddy will be relieved and I will be $$$ poorer. If SU thinks that he's gonna skate on the repayment plan.....bad choice there my dear . REALLY bad.
Yes dear, I know you read the blog......


Its raining again. It's gonna rain all week. I doubt SU will be able to play golf this Sunday. He will of course go out to the course anyway. Lucky boy is a ossifer in this League of Ordinary Sand Baggin Dawgs . Oh he'll bitch and kvetch and moan about all of the crap and the arguements , but truth be told ..he likes the drama . He knows it....I know I just tune his ass out. Even if they can't play...there will be a tournament on t.v. somewhere on planet Earth and he and the Moron will sit and watch and drink beer and eat really crappy concession food. This is the way that they are, I know it, all the wives know it and it's not gonna change . I shouldn't complain, after all my Brudder is in Arrakis, and my SIL has to do it all herself. But ..there are times......! Oddly enough, SU is not bemoaning the fact that he won't be able to go to the Redneck Riviera this coming August. He knows that is just not in the cards, but he's grateful to have the job so it works out. SU was tickled last week at work. Every month they have a birthday cake for employees . He was one of the ones for May, and being to Noob they made him sit in the middle of it all. SU was amazed that the big boss signed his birthday card, and is beginning to feel like he is fitting in.


Did some on line research about where the cutest baby on the planet resides. Sounds like a super nice place and it a lot bigger than I originally thought . Yes dear..they have golf out there....I checked. Funny thing tho, the city's web site had no real data about weather . Odd that.

We here are very attuned to the weather , and it's gonna be hard this year. The local rag has been running stories about the aftermath of Katrina and Rita . Season starts tomorrow, Chrome Depot is already selling what-nots and widgits. The fear has not really gone away . It's hard to explain unless you were here . A lot of people think that this is over blown , and to a degree it is .
At the same time, people who usually are pretty even minded about it all are saying we are due. Due to he hit that is. Happy Happy Joy Joy . The Gulf is unusually warm for this time of year , and so we may get hit sooner than the ususal August to September.

And then there is the City of Dallas . Evidently, according to their mayor, they aren't about to take in any evacuees . Okay I understand that they do not have the same sort of facilities that we do. So they say. Do they think that we just opened a box of evac chow and added water ? Oh Hell No. We did what we thought was necessary . We gathered food, worked the Food banks....helped out.....took strangers in . We did it because this is what we do. It could have been and will be us . We know this . The south has a bad reputation . Some deserved , some not. We are not ignorant rednecks. We are not inbred, banjo strummin yahoo's . It is true that there are people that are just dumber than a sack of rocks....but guess what ? They are everywhere, not just south of the Mason Dixon line. I haven't spent a lot of time in San Antonio...and have no use for Dallas. But..I have yet to have any guest of mine come to this city and not be suprised at the genuinely nice people here.....beautiful parks....vibrant downtown and amazing food. I have spent half my life here now, and lived for a bit in Virginia . As the saying goes..." I wasn't born in Texas...but I got here as soon as I could." I can't wait to see the cutest child on the planet , but the thing that amazes me about this town ? It's the first place in my life that ever felt like home. So..of we get smacked this season....Meh....we'll rebuild . Always have, always will.

And Dallas can go to hell.

Have a great day..really...go ahead.


Aunty Pol

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liberal army wife said...

like I said... annie saw y'all and said ooooohhhh suckers!!!! Glad he's settling in well at work. amazing, when they start treating you well... I remember, I felt the same way when I got included on the birthday cake. wierd! last temp place, we got UNinvited from the Litigation lunch... tacky tacky.