Saturday, May 06, 2006

Better This Week..LOL

Well gang...SU got hired on full time at the Orthotics thing. We can all breathe a bit better. We were unsure for a few days which is pure agony let me tell ya . SU had applied for a job at the Kroger Warehouse and had gone through all the blah blah blah in the process. While he was at Dynamic working he got a call back from Kroger to come in and take an ergonomics test..whatever the hell that he laid out the situation to his immediate boss to be and bascially asked for a descision. He will have a 90 day probationary period, did the drug test and will have to go through a backround check ...which is in no way a problem that he can see..thank jeebus.......and 13.50 an hr to boot...................yowza. I did some quick number crunching and it's only 170.00 less per payroll period...but and this is a biggun.....the new job is only 6 miles from mine , instead of the 20 miles each way to the old one. We should be okay since the gas will be so much less .

The best part is that SU is the kind of guy you might classify as a jack of all trades...master of none. He can fix almost anything and build stuff and loves to do that sort of from what I gather he is the Maint. lil McGiver ...hee hee.

He never was happy working in an office..not his cup of tea. I suspect that he felt somewhat trapped in a dilbert cubicle and toughed it out. He now is one busy mofo and comes home looking like a ditch digger at times..but man about happy happy joy joy.

At my office every other Friday after hrs..we have Hawaiian shirt day and a loosely organized happy hr in the firms kitchen. Of course, they all get to start an hr before I do but I send in SU as my designated drinker and all is well. LOL...we all kick into the beer pool and every one brings snackies so it is fun. Open to all the staff and the attorneys...and man..last night was war stories night. We have worked with some of the most insane ppl over the years on the planet and as one of the oldest tenutred serfs there..I get to tell all the noobs about the glory days. Bear in mind that we decided that those days are for the most part over as we are all middle ages..but it was still fun. Discovered that SU in his Navy days served on the sister ship that one of the atty's served on at the same time. Cookie man and SU had tons of fun telling war stories over many brewskies . I laughed my ass off at most of them , sisnce I knew that SU's were : a. all true and b . often the same stories that he'd regale the late father with...ZZZZZZZZZ. Snerk.....ZZZZZZZZZZ

I discovered that the cutest child on the planet has her own blog so Aunty Pol can post there too so I hope to get some real pix of the Bug.

Now, if a certain someone would get our RPG started again...the world would be el perfecto. Sigh, Aunty Pol is not known for her patience as SIL would attest to but I am working on it...LMAO.

All y'all take care and have what ever kind of day you want to....really.....go ahead .


Aunty Pol


liberal army wife said...

rpg?? whazzat?

Glad he's happy and that all will work out...


Boschka said...

lol..sorry. An rpg is a role playing game. There is a group of people that I have been playing a Dune based game with for about 4 years. I play a major house or character and have helped run the game to a degree. We think of ourselves as gamers who evolved into friends and are now friends who game. I have has a few of the players here to the house in real life like last spring when Roger came over to visit from the UK. These guys and gals are also the ones that were on line with me at 4 am when Dad know..I get to write a lot which makes me very happy and occasionally get to blow something up..also fun...