Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lil Orphan Annie ~ Pt. 3

Well, it rained all damn day yesterday , started in the early morning, thunder boomers and the whole bit. As we say down here , " It's raining sideways ." I woke up about 6: 30 to the sound of thunder so loud , I almost thought the house had been hit. No, I am not kidding. All four of the furr folk were under the covers, SU was on the computer. I asked him to go check on Annie , because I know for a fact that she is scared to death of storms. The day her daddy brought her home was also rainy and she high tailed it to the hibiscus bed next to the arbor. Off he goes to check on her, she was on my chair , so he goes and gets one of his big golf umbrella's to set up as a canopy of sorts for her. Don't question it, this is his way .

Annie is gone.

He looked every where. All over our yard. The old Bat's yard. The NG's yard. Across the streets....down the block..under cars....in pouring rain.




Neither of us had realized before this point how very attached we'd become to the little minx.

I got dressed and went out too, calling her name like an insane person. I had an appointment in town so we had to leave at noon, but I swear , I looked out the window every ten minutes to see if she was on the patio.

Off we went, hoping and praying that when we got home , she'd be there . Facing the fact that she might be really gone...forever. Knowing she will be an indoor kitteh if she comes home .

Here she comes through the arbor...lah de dah .... SU freaked and grabs her and loved on her and fussed at her ...." You didn't even leave a note.."

SU : " Honey, I have good news and bad news. "

Moi : " Tell me the good news. "

SU : " Good news......Annie came home."

Moi : " Huzzah...and the bad news ?"

SU : " She's ours now..she knows it."

Sheesh .....

Have a great week.....really go ahead


Aunty Pol

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liberal army wife said...

she knows a soft touch when she sees one! he he.