Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lil Orphan Annie ~ Pt 1

Well, she's all set up on the patio, made herself right at home like it was meant to be. She is a very sweet girl and Aunty Pol's icy old heart is thawed a bit . Her Daddy loves her already and is all " We gotta do this that and the other " over her , but this is his way . Annie is fascinated by the bird feeder and all of the dinner guests, tho thankfully the primary feeder is rather tall and on a shepards crook . One bonus is that she may in fact keep the tree rats at bay so I can put up the sling shot. I'd gotten pretty good lobbing acorns at their furry ass's ...LOL. The indoor tribe is somewhat aware that she is there, but they are used to neighbor cats being on their patio. Before the current NG's moved in on the corner, previous owners had 2 cats that thought our yard was theirs , which was fine. There was no fence at the time so it was in a way. I'd set out water and such for the visitors especially in our rather hot summers, yeah ..Aunty Pol is a pushover too.

I can tell that she is used to being someones baby, and she is very calm considering her hopefully it will work out .

However, SU has been told in no uncertain terms and in plain english that it he does this again....he will be the one needing the new home !

Have what ever kind of day you want to..really...go ahead .


Aunty Pol

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liberal army wife said...

like I said.... a real softy..