Friday, May 12, 2006

Wonders Never Cease Pt 1

Just when I have SU figured out, even after almost 18 years of marriage ..he suprises me. The Crazy Cajun and his wife want to get together for dinner tomorrow night for a belated birthday for me and an early one for SU . Meh...nothing new there...sort of a Flintstones and Rubble thingy . We 've been wanting to get together but life has had a way lately of ..yeah I know , BFD.

Anyhoo...SU then asks how I feel about Tai food........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bear in mind that SU is a 'Nam vet. Now, it's not the culture or anything like that ...Memories and one's senses can be very much tied together. SU and I pride ourselves on not taking anyones race or gender into any sort of consideration one way or the other. We tend to see most people in one of two're either an idiot or you are not. That's pretty much it. And it usually works out . He's always said that if I want to eat Chinese or Japanese food to go right ahead.....just go with out him. So needless to say you could have knocked me over when he asked about Tai food. This will be interesting...Wanna bet SU turns green before the night is over ????...Yeah ..I am that evil .

On a brighter note , my NIL sent new pictures of the prettiest baby in the known Universe. Her Nana is going to go out to visit so I need to get the arse in gear and send a throw down camera Nana's way so I can get some real old fashioned photos to frame and hang in the Rogues gallery at the Casa. I am trying not to be jealous of my SIL , after all it is HER Grand Child...and so far I have been successful , but until we get the finances back in order....sigh. I can't bring this up to SU either , since he will tail spin into a huge vat of the guilts..which is crap by the way ...but I know him . Plus...the kids havent been at their jobs very long..less than a year so their vacation options are limited....and therefore...the kids need to have the time to spend with my SIL . Not me...I will be happy to get photo's .

The summer may not be officially here but you can't tell by the weather. It's HOT....I've been known to greet out of town guests with the phrase " Welcome to Singapore " , since the hunidity is pretty much the same according to my late father . After last year I guess we are all a bit apprehensive about the season. Hurricane season . We just call it the season . From June 1 to November 30'th, every year..if you live down here long enough you automatically follow the season. We'd all gotten a bit complaicent about it , I'm the first one to admit it. H town is usually spared, the storms go east and hit NOLA or they go west and hit Brownsville or Corpus . But not last me here gang...unless you live here have no idea how bad it was. The water in the Gulf is already too warm for this time of year, and we all just have this tiny feeling . I just hope that the evac plan is better than last year. A lot of the family and out of town friends didn't understand why SU and I didn't pack up the furr folk and leave. The answer was simple . Gasoline...the lines that you saw on the TV's of the stalled cars and people on foot were not exagerated. IF anything it was understated as opposed to the reality. Every area has some form of severe weather . I've lived through bas snow storms and frozen pipes. My late father experienced earth quakes in the City . At least we can track ours.....we'll see how this year goes. As long as I remember to buy a freaking manual can opener......LOL.

Have a great weekend...really..go deserve it.


Aunty Pol


liberal army wife said...

well, Graunty, don't worry. you'll get there. And don't worry, I'll take tons of pics and send hard copy down to you. k?

Nana LAW

Boschka said...

you're the best .....