Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dibs and Dabs

Well , it appears that life at Casa de Swamp is getting back to what passes for normal.....LMAO .
SU blathered all the way home about the potential of grilling something or doing beer butt chiggin or some such. I as is my custom tune this out so it went like " Blah blah blah..chiggin...blah blah blah ....brisket....potatoe salad ...blah blah blah...shortcake....blah blah blab blah............. " Whatevs dude . As usual, SU completely overthinks the plan . Part of the problem is that one of the NG's has only had one day off in the last month due to work , so she's sorely missed by all. The other NG is most likely going to go home to see her folks. Her father's health is bites. Anyhoo, if she doesn't do that I suspect that she and El Jeffe may be busy with the limo bidness as there is at least one graduation I know of this weekend. And then there is the simple fact that SU overthinks almost everything....over plans...over does. Example : We go to New Orleans for 5 days. Woooo Hoooooo ! Favorite city to play in . Now, contrary to the usual, Aunty Pol knows hows many days skivvies to pack etc. etc. It takes me about 10 minutes to pack ...period. Hisself on the other hand is packed a bloody week in advance. I kid you not here . Used to drive me bat sh*t..and still does. I will admit however that his organizational skills came in very handy when we had to fly out when Daddy died. And yes...I did tell SU thanks for taking care and knowing which black suit I would wear and shoes and such. But............................he does tend to over plan. He always asks what we are doing on the coming weekend....amd unless it is the nails/golf one..I plan nada . Usually my plans are either the usual laundry and such..or ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ . With the work schedule we have, a lot of times by the weekend I am just beat . But he's gotta ask. It took me a while to realize that he knows I plan the off chance that the Moron calls re golf....there is a very good chance that I will tell SU to get the hell out of the casa and go chase the lil white one.
And Aunty Pol is on to their plans.......mwahahahaha . Still....after the last 5 weeks he's had...yeah ..whazt the hell...go play....

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