Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I'm gonna drop kick the Queen of Sheba from here to Hoboken

Apologies to the Chairman of the Board if I spelled his birthplace wrong but I swear to Gawd Almighty, I am gonna kick the Queen of Sheba's ass to there and back.


If your attorney has clients coming in and his are of the type that come in early ...and by this I mean 30 to 45 minutes early....routinely.....and you are going to go into a meeting....tell the bloody front desk. I mean really..is it that hard to do ? Evidently it is for you precious , because I had to beat the shrubbery to locate your sorry ass to let you know.

Now I realize that you are the hardest working gal up here and just overwhelmed with work...but..ya done pissed ol Pol here off. I even went so far as to call Admin to see if you had checked out for the day ..so yes diddums....they know I was on the hunt .

The above could also be classified as sarcasm , and I would explain that concept to you but you are about as dumb as a sack of rocks and frankly not worth the time .

Oh and when you get your roots re-touched...well good luck with that ..sincerely...good luck with that..

Rant over.....have what ever kind of day you want to have ...really.


Aunty Pol


liberal army wife said...

go for it! smack her down, now!

Boschka said...

LMAO..love you bunches for being one of the elite that gets what I am saying........ Q of S will tell you that she is the hardest working person here....! Hows that hour and a half lunch working for ya Queenie ????? She was the most vocal about the timekeeper software...I wonder why...!

and they wonder bout my 'tude....

Girl ..we really need those lottery #'s..!


Aunty Pol